Chores done…. play time!!!!!!!!!

Today was a fun day, I got to hang out with Juls and Sage almost all day, Which is rare since I am usually on only at night. I was excited because I was FINALLY able to go to another Dancer Dash!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what??????

Nobody showed up, hehehe. Which was okay because I got to explore and experience something new today. Juls took us to 1920s Berlin. The best part is we got to dress the part, which meant >>>>>>> hold on for it >>>>>>>> its almost there >>>>>>>>> YESS SHOPPING. 🙂

It was just totally cool and totally fun. It’s fun to go somewhere else and be somebody else. But good thing nobody talked to be, because in writing this, I realized I didn’t know who I was there. Well, of course I am me, but my character in Berlin. So after we went shopping we found this cutest little phonograph store. That played records. YES Records, not CD’s, not MP3’s but actual records. We put the music on, then eventually (I am not going to say why It took me so long to figure it out) jumped on Juls hud and cut a rug.

I figured I would play with my Fraps, I got it, might as well use it, so I made a little video. ***** DISCLAIMER ***** I do not know how to use Fraps and I do not know how to use Windows Live Movie Player…disclaimer over.

Welp, enjoy the video, I logged out of SL, and had a nice glass of vodka so I don’t remember if I took any pictures.

And as usual, its getting late, bed time is near. So as I always say………..

That is all


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