Why ask why? Better yet? Why tha hating?

Ya know, sometimes you read a blog and wanna comment on it only to find out the writer of the original blog did not like what you said, so they deleted it. NOW… I had to re-write and I don’t remember what I said. So even through sleepy and supposed to be going to bed (grins) I had to just type up something.. just on G.P.

So, In case it gets deleted again…I figured I would post it here. Now Ill leave out the name of the original blogger, ’cause it doesn’t matter. ;p I just wanted what I had to say in print. Ohh and found this live recording of this song. Enjoy!!!

“Gee, now you are making sure your comments are to your liking before you post them…. shaking my head. But I will state this reply again……the apology was not given via chat. The apology was given over the air shortly after the judges met with the administrator after the contest. Ohh and gasp………there were people on the sim that shouted out they heard the correction and congratulated the girl that was given the correct placing. But I am sure you will delete this comment as you did the first one. And I will say this again……you are allowed to have your feeling..your thoughts, your observations, your opinions….you know that silly stuff our constitution says you have the right to talk about??? Yea that one.. And I will say as I did in the post you deleted, that I will continue coming back to your blog because I enjoy reading some of the things you post. GASPS again………. dare I say something nice even when I don’t agree with you??????? It can happen. So… really don’t remember what I put on that first blog. but it must have been good for you to delete it. I will just use the silly little constitution to say what I want to say on MY little blog with MY thoughts MY feelings MY observations MY OPINIONS… Welp as usual, its late and tomorrow is a work day………so off to bed……maybe.”

That is all!


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