Silent Thoughts

Have you ever had time to stop and think? I mean really think, those silent thoughts that pass through your mind on a daily basis, but for some reason, you take that time to delve into the meaning behind that thought.

That is what I was doing today. After the farm chores were finished and after a few laps around and through the village, I stopped and looked at our dance pit and thought about the first dance I had written and wanted to look it over.  It wasn’t to hard to find, I have only done two. (laughs)

But anyway, back to my thought. I had written a seduction dance, and I thought it was just one written off of the top of my head so I could finish this dance class. During my thinking mode today, I pulled it out and started ‘fixing’ it, then I started reading it. It really shocked me how much of my feelings that I understand NOW, but didn’t understand THEN are expressed in those words. I just was walking around the village and thinking, and thinking and walking.


Standing for a while, then I realized the sun had broken, so I sat and thought.


That’s the thing about writing when your emotions are close to the surface, you really expose yourself. So, I decided to go baaaack and look at some things I had written. Again, in those poems emotions were so close to the top.  Back to the dance, I wrote, I wonder now if I show it will others really know what was going on in the mind of this kajira or if it was just…….. a dance.

Well, the girls have shown up and time to stop pondering….. until later

That is all………………


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