Erotic confessions

another date

having fun

out late

driving far

playing games

in the car

you playing

with me

me driving

the car

on the freeway

curve ahead

your finger

inside playing

turn coming

me cuming

another freeway

another game

me driving

the car

you undressing


dark outside

nude inside

driving far

clothes gone

busy freeway

naked driver

hunger increasing

off-ramp approaching



pull in

order food

still naked

still free

still feeling

your finger

“your order please”

order given

drive ahead

he looks in

breasts exposed

nipples hard

totally nude

his thoughts

i wondered

gave the money

got the food

in the car

playing games

driving far

out late

having fun

another date

ended great


My confession

or was it my imagination?


That is all……….


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