Strange Travels … To. Fallen New York

This was the end of our traveling day. Lara and I found one last place to visit. Fallen New York, as they described it 19 years after the destruction of the earth, the equator, weather, climate, civilization changed as we know it. What was left is what you are about to see…. Ohh that sounded dramatic!  LOL


We started to walk around the SIM but the dust storm was so bad, we took off running looking for shelter. We found a sunken place that had some, well guess you could call them homes. We are standing on one, and…wow Lady Liberty is in the back broken and covered with sand.  See that little shack looking thing behind us and in front of her, that is another house that was for rent also.  Looking around we found a trailer that had windows and doors, if we could not find our way back to Gor and our village, at least we knew where we could stay.



In walking around Lara was fussing about all the dang gates around, when we heard a voice from nowhere pop up, We started to run away, but the voice came up from below in the sewers and started talking to us. This girl looked tough, she had weapons, well a huge wrench and a spray paint can that she sat down as not to scare us. Guess we looked like visitors. hahahaha



We talked to her for a while, she was telling us there are more people like here, trying to survive, She said she really missed food as all she had to eat were …rats. Ughs!!!  She kept looking up in the sky for some reason, then mentioned something about a many flying or something like that, she was very vague, I dont think she trusted us much.  But then as usual RL came and took her away. Hopefully we can visit with her again.



We hopped the gate and started walking around. The dust had settled some and we found this nice porch with some chairs not toooo dusty and dirty, Feet up and time for girls to relax. That dust storm had gotten us thirsty so we found a couple of mason jars, that only looked dusty, wiped down the rim and poured a little of that moonshine. I know… I know.. we should not have, but we were so very thirsty, and it was clear and didn’t look bad.



Looks can be deceiving, after one tiny sip our throats started burning, Lara and I both started coughing and gagging.  She gasped out that it was some bad shine…and bad shine can make you go blind or worse!!  OHHH MAHH GAWD!!!!!  I don’t know what was in that, but somehow a dance pit appeared in the street and we thought we saw a row of Masters sitting waiting for us. Yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. I see now it was a gate, but we thought they were masters.  It got so hot, I had to wipe my face with my pink hair band and my hair flew out all over the place.  I wasn’t able to take a pic, but Lara was so messed up on the bad shine, that she started serving the fence, I mean the Masters and up chucked all over their white sandals. So we figured we better start dancing sexy for them



Yes Yes, we were moving in such sensual kajira dance moves, Or so we thought. I almost fell in front of the Masters, while Lara was dipping and leaning sideways. hahahah. Okay maybe not super sensual kajira… more like drunk as a skunk.



Lara finally stood up straight, but that shine was going through me.. Ohh where was the little kajira’s room?



Well I found the room, well bushes, and went back with lara to start dancing. I don’t think we were doing too good of a job. if Juls and Sage could see this dance, Bwahaahaaha. We would be sent back to class in a heartbeat. “London bridges falling down .. falling down.. falling down.. Kajira dancing then falling down…. my dear drunken girls” << sung to the tune of London bridges.



This time I managed to get up straight and dooooooown went Lara.  “Bottoms up bottoms up (up) Ay whats in ya cup
Got a couple bottles, But a couple aint enough.”   We figured….it was time to stumble back to the village if we could find the Priest Kings ship…. If there is a post after this… then you know we made it…




but until then………….that is REALLY all


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