Strange Travels … To Imservia

I’m back, and was back in the village after spending the afternoon taking care of RL. And figured that nobody was online, but I checked any and guess what?? My PPP (pea pod pal) Lara was online. She was just piddling around and decided to join me. So now there were two kajira’s on an earthbound expedition.  After a few searches that didnt turn up anything, I came upon this sim called Imservia. This place is cra-cray crazy!! But not like you think. When you first land you notice its kinda dark. After you rezz you see these hugs signs on the walls telling you how to change your settings to make it pitch black, no light at all. (thankfully they have directions of 3 viewers up there also) . The scary part is the sign on the floor telling you if you get killed and go back to remember to change your settings. WHAT!!! KILLED!!!!!!  What kind of place is this?  It is supposed to be some kind of art exposition or something maybe kinda sorta.

So to start off you have to read these three notecards, they tell you how to get into the sim through the “red door” you get your headlamp to wear and how to find the messages. Come to find out that place is a story. Ohh it was such a good, haunting, scary, sad story/experience.  You have to find the messages in the bottles…I’m not going to say too much, because you really need to go see it..

The only thing is that it is so dark, it was hard to take pictures so I only took a few. Also, I forgot about picture taking, because Lara and I kept getting scared, lost and everything else.


If you look closely on the swing there is one of the message bottles. Some of them also have microphones so you can hear what is being said on the message in the bottle.  The few pictures I took were because there was a little light.




This is somewhere in there *laughs* I have no idea. Lara and I just managed to swing or headlamps on each other at the same time so perfect time for a snap. Can you see anything behind us? Neither could we, ohh also sometimes the headlamps shorted out, and we had NO light to guide us.




We stood here a few minutes not only because of the bottle with the message but because there were so many lights. Whoever designed/built this place is a genius. Everything is truly amazing in there. And your heart sometimes starts pounding hard. Now maybe its just me because I hate horror flicks, but oh my goodness. I really got scared.




That dog is important in the story, you will find out. We were on a street and that thin darkened pole behind me was a streetlight, and again notice how DARK it was in there.  That dog looked like it was hungry and Lara is the main course. RUN LARA RUN!




Perfect example of how dark it was in there, I had lost Lara, which can happen a lot in that place. Thank goodness for tags.hahahah. Well walking up the steps my headlamp showed a little of what was in front of me, but that is it. Pitch Black. Only able to see my silhouette.




Here Lara and I are in a room, with ONE light and our headlamps, if not for the light we would not even know we were in a room. We have got to back it was truly a fun time. AND if you can believe it, it took us maybe 2 or 3 hours to get through it all. We didn’t realize it took that long. Well at least two kajira were kept busy and out of trouble for that length of time at least.




Now this was not the end of our night…we have one more place we visited…. but for this post..


That is all


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