I just had to share Juls words, she put everything into words, perfectly!!! I stand up and applaud you Juls…. Read and enjoy
That is all……….

Inworld Bits

So here I am, sitting in the middle of the Gorean University Mall, listening to Black Ort’s “Master’s Round Table”. At the beginning of the show, Black Ort told everyone to please excuse the mess as the remodelling of the sim is slowly underway. The castle – I mean school – has been moved and they are still getting all the prims back to where they belong.

At this point, I was still in Berlin. I TP’d in (without changing!) because I was curious to see what they’d done. I thought I heard something about how they’d moved the school on Thursday, but that couldn’t be right, as I was on the farm Thursday and hadn’t seen anything different.

It turns out they did move the school. They moved it back, closer to the sim edge, about five or six meters. See?

2014 06 01 -the remodel in progress_001

Now personally, I am beyond caring what they…

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