One Phone Call

Something from the past……….


It was a long hard day. My co-workers were getting on my last nerve. The plans were to meet at the restaurant for happy hour. I did not want to be around those people any longer than I had to. But it was “suggested that we all attend,” in other words, I had to show up.

There weren’t many people there at first, but as the evening progressed more showed up. This was turning into a pretty nice event. The food was fine and the drinks were getting stronger and stronger. As I looked around I noticed everybody cuddling up. That was my cue to go. I made my rounds, told everybody goodbye and I was out of there.

As I sat in my car I remembered our conversation from earlier. You told me that if I was bored at the party to give you a call. You were in town and had no plans for the evening. I didn’t feel like going home and I wanted a few more drinks, so I called. A quick outfit change and I was ready to go.

We met up at the club a few miles away. I saw you standing at the bar ordering a drink. You made me stop in my tracks. Sexy was your first and last name that night. When you turned around and saw me standing there, the look of pure desire in you eyes made me glad I choose to wear something short and tight.

The hug you greeted me with was tight and lasted a while. I could feel you were glad to see me. You led me to the dance floor just as “Do Me Baby” by Prince came on, and we began to move. As we swayed with the music it was as if we were making love right there in the middle of the dance floor. We fit perfectly together. I was lost in another world floating with the stars. Your arms were around me and we were dancing so slowly, so seductively the desire consumed us both. You did not let go of my waist as you led me outside. As we walked to our cars I was glad you were staying nearby.

The elevator ride up to your room was special. You knew what my glass elevator fantasy was. As the doors closed, you knelt down, lifted my skirt, moved that last barrier aside, and began to kiss, lick, nibble. We were going up – another elevator, with people inside was coming down but you didn’t stop. They were watching as we passed. I wanted them to feel my desire so I pulled down my top and began to play with my breasts, all the time staring into their eyes. I was almost about to cum, but you stopped and stood up. You kissed me hard and deep, I tasted myself on your lips. As the doors opened and we walked to your room I knew that this was going to be a night to remember.

Later as I walked back to my car, I smiled and realized that the night that began awful turned out to be awesome.

A couple of months later when I saw you with your new girl, we made eye contact, smiled and kept going our separate ways. But I knew we were both glad that I made one phone call.


That is all  …


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