All about the P.J’s

We took these pictures a couple of days ago. This is what happened Mistress Dakota (from Tarnsport) saw some Pj’s and sent me an IM telling me I just HAAAD to come see these. I was doing something but right after I was done she sent me a TP to this store called *Butterfly Effect Designs*, It was not at the main store, but a smaller one in a place called .:* The District *:.  As soon as I saw them I fell in love, not only were they just cute, but came with a teddy bear AND teddy bear slippers. She is a sweetie she bought me this pair and gave me what was needed to buy Lara one also.

Had to match the hair with the PJ’s ya know. *laughs*


Just love those teddy slippers. !!!


And the teddy bear.



Laying down and reading, was so comfy I almost fell asleep.



That hair does look cute. *giggles* it so matches. What does a girl do? read…read….read


Here Lara, myself and our teddies are relaxing on a bookcase, cozy with seating for two. Got it from the wonderful designer in the little store called [off Melrose].



Lara didn’t wear the Jacket that came with it, she was being uber comfy.


Here I am with the jacket, she must be HOOOOT, no jacket again. Just too cute of an outfit. Two girls with their teddy’s ready for bed.



Welp, If I knew how to do all those hperlinks giving the store info I would, But I don’t. So I didn’t.  🙂


That is all………..


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