From Devine to Pudding …What is in a name

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: ANNOUNCEMENT: BREAKING NEWS or however else it wants to be said

Two posting within a few minutes… yes… Why? Because this just needed to be said and for the past few weeks, it has been bothering me quite a bit.

This kajira’s is now known by Pudding, Devine is gone, in the past. Devine does not exist anymore.

I was given a new name, not one of my choosing and not by my choice. But for some reason, it seems that even though people change their names in SL all the time, for some strange reason, some individuals cannot understand that I was given a new name. Yes, Devine has been around since 2008. I gave myself that name Devine well, simply because I liked it, The double meaning in that one word was enjoyable to me. Devine is her name and yet she is simply divine.  … BUT …   My Master met me as Devine, knew me as Devine, bought me as Devine, then named me Pudding.  I will give you a new name.” She nodded, miserably. Her old name, her old identity, had been taken from her forever. Her new name, though in sound the same, was not her old. Between them there was a difference of worlds, a gulf wider than the dividing planets. Her old name had been hers as a free person, publicly registered, legally certified, historically identified with her throughout her life, until her capture by slavers. It had been a proud, intimate possession, giving her pleasure and dignity. It had ennobled her. It has served, with other properties, to distinguish her as a precious person, a unique individual, among all others on the planet Earth. When asked who she was, it was with that name that she would answer. That was who she was. Then that name was taken from her. She was only an animal in bondage. Her name might be changed, or altered, as often as a Master wished. Indeed, he need not even give her a name. Changing a girl’s name, or taking it away, are common modes of Gorean slave.”   Hunters of Gor – Page 225

Not to start a big issue but, don’t use the excuse “well we are OOC so I call you Devine” What if I decided to change my display name would you still call me by that? Why insist on calling me by that name? Then if its OOC’ly at least call me by what I say my name is.

But OOC or IC, I am a slave.  “A slave is an animal, sensuous and beautiful, marked as property, and has a name only on the sufferance of her Master…. Rogue of Gor Pg.170

Through knowledge comes understanding. And this is what I understand: “In the eyes of Goreans, and Gorean law, the slave is an animal. She is not a person, but an animal. She has no name, saving what her master might choose to call her. She is without caste. She is without citizenship. She is simply an object, to be bartered, or bought or sold. She is simply an article of property, completely, nothing more.”  Hunters of Gor – Page 148.   My Master calls me Pudding.   “What is your name?” I asked the girl. “A slave has no name,” she said. “You may give me one if you wish.” Outlaw of Gor – Page 196  My Master calls me Pudding.

I could take this on a whole new level, that not only are you annoying me by not calling me by my name, but disrespecting my Master as He gave it to me. Again, especially if it not an issue for you to call other slaves by their new names. Now, I think I need to stop right here, and take a break as I am starting to get irritated, just thinking about it.  Just a quick sidebar here: the “you” are the ones that choose to call me Devine on a continuous basis either IC or OOC, but do so KNOWING my name is Pudding.  The “you” probably don’t even read this blog but if they do, then its about YOU. If you are unsure…then its probably NOT about You. *grins*

Yes, I am stopping myself right in my tracks. Time for me to stop and relax and get a pedicure…… so…. as usual


That is all………….


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