A Kajira’s Gatcha Overload

Once upon a time, a not so long time ago…. That is how most stories are started right?  Okay maybe not most and it was not a long time ago, just since it opened.  Don’t really know what happened, it was all just an innocent journey. It is like it was planned by some alternate being in some other universe.  It was not this girl’s fault, truly it wasn’t. *sobs and sniffles* It was a trap, YES!!! That is what it was, a trap to suck this kajira into the Gatcha world. Ohh please please, be careful if you go there, Strange things will happen.  

It was so innocent when it started, really it was! Girl Scouts honor…they didn’t have Girl Scouts in gor but you know what I mean..Ohh thank goodness they didn’t. Can you imagine all the Kajira hooked on thin mints, or lemonaids, or ohh whichever one is your favorite. Okay, okay, sorry back to the story….now where was I?   Oh yes!!

It was innocent when it started. I saw a notice about The Arcade, paid it no mind…then they started popping up everywhere. It got me curious. I know…I know curiosity is not becoming of a kajira. Let’s say intrigued instead then.  Then I started seeing dates of when it would open. Now I know it was all part of the Master plan to suck me in. So I waited and looked around and waited and looked around and waited and looked around. Then FINALLY. The Day was here. I got the map and …… nothing. It was full, the sim had the nerve to be full. I know it was a ploy, it would not be full if I tried to TP again. ding … ding … ding … ding … ding .. and no black swoosh sound, no TP. NOTHING… I gave up, just knowing it was a bunch of bots sitting there laughing at those poor girls trying to get in.

For two days I tried, then SUCCESS I finally arrived. I was so shocked I just stood there, then started to take a step and “bump” turned the next way and “bump”  Oops!!!  IT was actually full of real people. So to keep down my lag, I lowered my draw distance, and knew my scripts were not high. Remember I’m innocent.  So I walked into “The Arcade” and all these Gatcha machines started popping up in my sight. I had not planned on getting much, just looking around. Then I put in a few coins, and “ohh that was not what I wanted” so I tried again. “shoots not that one” and tried once more and got what I wanted. “Kewl!!!”  Went to the next machine and got what I wanted on the first try. So I walked around looking at everything and didnt really see much that I NEEDED.  I figured, something must be wrong it took me this long to get in and so I cammed around just in case I missed something. BAD MOVE!!  I started seeing little things that were cute, Ohh only 50L for this one..oh only 75L for that one… Not much. Until you keep ground around and getting more and more things.

So I had to make my escape. The lag shopping aliens tried to keep me from leaving, I felt them grabbing hold of my feet and legs, not letting me walk, then when they go, they push me into another machine.  But I finally escaped them. I was safe!!!!! Until the next day… when some of that Gatcha dust must have still be in my lungs because somehow, I got there again and… and… and… I started touching the machines. When finally running for my life again. I put them all together behind one door in my closet. So today, I figured, let me take them out and see what I have. 

I kept pulling and pulling and pulling ..and.. Sad to say.. this was the result

gacha overload 2_001I had to cam waaay back just to get everything. Now WHY do I need that big head statue in the bottom left corner?  Ohh and not shown are the shoes, jewelry, purses, hair and cute wearable things. Those are still in the closet.  I think I need an intervention. I can say it.  The Gatcha…got me!!!!!


That is all



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