I just don’t get it.

thats not how it works

I mean, really, I don’t get it. Can anybody explain it to me?That’s not how it works.

Because this kajira is just lost. That’s not how any of this works.

It really really makes no sense. Why claim you want to be somewhere, something, someone, but then you don’t act like you want to be there, do that thing or be that person?  I don’t get it.  A kajira is supposed to be kind, decent … gasps… even nice, and ……clutches her pearls to her chest in horror … Talk to people.

I am really tired of censoring myself, to spare your feeling, but you don’t consider mine.  I know I am talking in circles, but I just want to get this off my chest without it blowing up.  And since I’m on the subject of getting things off my chest,  “That’s not how it works”   What makes a person feel the need to turn away? How many IM’s must be sent? How many times must I TP in just to get a word.  I wish for a day, where we are allowed to say whatever we want and nobody is allowed to get butt hurt over it.   

I know that video is about Black opps but the chorus fits… Why are you butt hurt? So damn butt hurt. Stop acting butt hurt, butt hurtt…”

Okay… enough negativity… getting things off your chest makes you feel better.

That is all …………


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