SL at its finest ……. ROFL

Thank you SL for a Memorable night, You took me back to the old days.  I am actually standing in a house, if you look carefully you will see some of the beams, and the fire place on the first floor. I am on the second. And no I am not sporting the bald look…. SL took my hair and wont give it back.  After about 1/2 hour it put my dress back on. Jult like old times with SL and “Ruth” my feet finally rezzed in. Bad part they are both on one leg. *laughs*  But it gets better, I have a left hand but no right hand, hey I am missing my shoes still, Just realized that.

messed up sl_001

Time to open up the minimized Sl window and see what I look like now.  Yes!!!! My feet are back to where they are supposed to be, and check it out. I have shoes, just not wearing them.  Umm house is still messed up. My hand grew and is just laying there, not even attached to my wrist and I am starting a Moehawk look.

messed up sl 2_001

LOL, sometimes you just have to laugh. Thanks for the memories SL ………. NOW FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

That is all


One thought on “SL at its finest ……. ROFL

  1. At least you didn’t wind up folded in half. That used to freak me OUT. I really think SL is getting wonkier than it has been. Yesterday I had the old bug where parts of people are jet black, including me. I think that’s related to the “No Texture Found” bug from what – 2006? 2007? And I’ve been having problems with things not wanting to rez, too. Never as bad as all your missing bits, though!

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