It’s been a while … What’s goin’ on?

But I have not forgotten about my blog. There is just so so much going on in SL, that sometimes you can’t write about it and well just need to let it pass.  I wish the words would come out, but then again, some things are better left unsaid.  This chicka here has grown up some and realized that not everybody is who they say they are, and not everything is how it is presented.

I am happy that my Master has been searching long and hard and maybe, just maybe has found a place to dock his ship for a while. Fingers will remain crossed that this new place will be a good one. So until then, its time to watch and observe.

So, other than visiting my blog, I have been taking pictures and have truly become addicted to Flicker… gasp!!!!!!!!  hahaha  So many different groups to get in and become inspired to take new and different photos.

hmmm what else, ohhh, I have gone back to trying to figure out how to use fraps, did a little recording posted it to my youtube channel, and YES, needs a loooooot of learning about that program as well..

Before I start rambling have a great day and to all those who have served and are serving.

Happy Veterans day.  The next few posts will have to be something celebrating them. Just gotta figure out what they will be.

That is all …….


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