They are the Best!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes you have to go through the dark hard times to get to the good times. What do I mean?  Well I have been a slave on Sl since 2008 searching and looking. At the time I did not know what EXACTLY I was looking for, I just knew I was looking for a Master.  And Master after Master, the good bad and ugly of them all. Years wanting and searching. And I do mean YEARS of looking for what ever it was to fill my heart. A Master. A family. That was a simple request, right? Well after years, did I say years? of search, I finally I ended up in Gor.  Then I realized that I was not only looking for a Master, but a real and true Gorean Master. Did I find one right away? No, it didn’t happen right off. I think I was not ready yet, But FINALLY I ended up with my Master and my chain sister juls.  They are truly the absolute bestest!  Yea yea, I know that’s not a word but… so what… LOL its my blog.  hee hee hee

Now this is not something that just recently happened, I have been under my Masters collar since April. So why am I getting so gushy sappy now?  Well because of this.

birthday 4_001 birthday 3_001 birthday 2_001 birthday_001

That’s why !!!!!!!!   *smiles big looking at the pictures*  Yep, thats why, Just something as simple as remembering my birthday and celebrating. Ohh and I got birthday presents also. But even better than the presents…. my Master and Julsy. I love them to bits!!!!!!

That is all ……….


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