I just need to vent

This will be a scrambled, probably short post. Why?  Because I just need to vent. And after I vent I will feel better. Sometimes I don’t get the people in Haifa. You sit and complain and sit and complain or stand and complain that you want people to be on the sim to r/p. You want people to get along. And the “you” is not one person in general its more of a collective “you” as in the “you” that encompasses Haifa. That made no sense, but I know what I’m trying to say. I am not able to come online during the day because I have to work. And when I do come on early evening, its late for everybody else because I am on SLT. So if there are no classes going on, or nothing special happening the attendance is sporadic. There might be one (me) a couple, a few or maybe even a nice amount. But lets see where are they? Either in their private homes, or grouped together somewhere.  It seems the only place that you may fine someone to talk to is the campfire. So one night, nobody was on the sim except one House girl, I took my Masters bosk out for a walk, with the pretense that his tummy was rumbling and since there was not a vet in the city, a good walk with fresh grass and flowers might help out his tummy.  I even passed by a free when the poor sick bosk’s tummy did a huge rumble and made a deposit on the ground. We both noticed it and r/p’d around it. So since i was so bored and wanted to start some fun r/p, I figured I would walk the bosk all over the sim letting it do its business, and well you know flies happened to come around, it was just a buzzy stinkey time.  Now put a thumbtack right there.  Remember they want people to rp and have fun, remember that. Okay take out the thumbtack.    So if you are a Free and you see something offending to your nose and you have slaves around what do you do?  I was thinking that they would gave a slave clean it up. A slave does wrong, hey clean up that bosk poop using only ….. ??  whatever comes to your imagination.  Now did that happen NO!  What happened, they, she, him, those (whomever the person(s) were or was) figured they would complain to the sim owner about the annoying bothersome or whatever adjective you want to put in there. The sim owner contacted me and told me why the ‘poops’ were returned. Oh did I mention that all you have to do it ‘touch’ ‘click it’ and it will poof.   So during the council meeting I apologized that my intentions were not to bother anyone but to enhance r/p. Then *Gasps*  Ohh put it out pudding, that is a good idea, ohh the new slaves can clean it up. I will not put it up, after the fact. Now if one of the ‘favorites’ probably set it down then “they” may have gone to that person and not made such a big complaint.

If you want r/p to happen you have to let it happen. But my Master and Chain Sister are now online so my vent is over. As always ……………. That is all


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