I’m going crazy!!

No no, its not a vent, well not a real vent. More of a “pulling out your hair why are you not thinking” vent. I am doing the POE hunt. And some of the stores where they hid the globes. “SCREAMS”  LOL

I mean really. After a hard day’s work. My brain is DONE!  But nooooo, I have to think and think and search and then when I see it, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I wish I really could face-palm avi and me.

grrrrrrrrr 2_001

The struggle is real LOL


See how big this place is

I’m right there! That little tiny dot looking for an even tinier globe. Why Pudding you say? If it makes you go crazy then why do you do it?

Simple answer. I love doing hunts. *Laughs*

Okay, back to searching.

That’s all for now………


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