I’m back…. again LOL

I just don’t know why its so hard for me to keep up with blogging stuff. I think because I like taking pictures instead of writing. BUT I am going to try it again, sorta. I am trying to teach myself frapps but I REALLY do NOT have patience, so it takes a while.

So the other day, I recorded myself doing an ooold dance that needs to be timed, updated and all that. I originally did that dance when I first came into Gor and was a newbie dancer. Now I am just a noob dancer. *grins*  So, hope you enjoy and I welcome ALL comments on how to edit and work and upload those dang frapp videos.

Oh btw, you can check out my other attempts on my YouTube channel. Not many and well I was just having fun doing them.


As usual…………  That is all


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