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Born 2 b Wild



This kajira was born to be wild!!!

born 2 b wild born to be wild_001


Not really, just kidding and clowning around on a bike a friend gave to me. *laughs*



A Wandering and Wondering Kajira

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a far away land… Isn’t that how most fairy tales start?  Welp, too bad this is not a fairy tale. Fairy tale always have a happy ending with the prince riding in on a white horse to save them.. ya know.. sometimes even as a child that irritated me. *laughs* I was a tomboy, because I used to wonder why did it have to be a white horse, why couldn’t it be a horse like Little Joe had on Bonanza. (( and no, I am not dating myself…I watched reruns ))

I got off track…..The old saying is true,,,… things that irritate a person most are probably things they do themselves, I knew it about myself, but I wonder if others know it about themselves. Still off track..

This Kajira donned her earth clothes, really until my Master finds us a new home, I guess I could call them my regular clothes…but still like silks better.  So I donned my clothes shaking my head as I closed the front door and went poooooof into time and space. Visiting quite a few places before deciding to re-visit a place.

This Sim is something totally awesome H22O I previously posted pictures from my first visit, but oh well, I took them again.  Plus that place is the kind of spot that will make you wonder and think, and during all that wondering and thinking and snapping and thinking and wandering, I came to a conclusion that its time to stop letting people walk all over me. It’s time I stand up for myself. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander *smiles* easier said than done. This girl does not like stress, drama or conflict, too much makes me physically ill, so 9.9 times out of 10 I usually back away.  BUT something needs to change….. hmm a song just popped into my head.

Tonight will be a 2 blog night….smiles…….I just need to find the lyrics of that song, its an old 80’s song.  But back to the sim..  If you have not been, you should…. its a good place to be alone.

h220 again 1


h220 again 1_001

The landing point, go through the portal to get to the sim

h220 again 2_001

That girl sanding there looks sad

h220 again 3_001



h220 again 4_001

 Sometimes the best way to think is on your knees.


h220 again 5_001



h220 again 6_001



h220 again 7_001


h220 again 8_001

I wonder what drove her to this place?

h220 again 9_001

Time for ????

h220 again 10_001



h220 again 11_001



h220 again 12_001



h220 again 14_001

 Running away from or running toward ???

h220 again 13_001



That is all ……..

A Kajiras visit to The Jungle

As I said in my previous blog, I went to a place last night that just BLEW me away. Nothing super exciting, no pew pew, no capture, no guns no nothing. Just extreme beauty and peace. A place where your imagination can just explode with thoughts, visions and wonderment, a place so beautiful Gorean and Earth people alike will just be in awe at all the flora and fauna that are there.

What is the the place you ask?   The Jungle   I know the few pictures that I have taken won’t do this place justice, you will truly need to see it for yourself.


The landing point. Dare you walk into the mouth of the lion?  I hope you do, and I am glad that I did.


jungle 2_001

This was taken using my graphics on med high, but my computer will get mad if I try to walk, but just wanted to show you the detail of the elephant


jungle 3_001

I found a tree path to walk up… I don’t know if I am in a fairy land or what, but everything has such vibrant color. Look the elephants are behind me and over to the left there is a giraffe.


jungle 4_001

Walking off the path I found a firepit, and wanted to warm my tootsies. What did I see, a monkey in a tree…..Is that bubbles????   The surrounding plants are amazing.


jungle 5_001

There is a path, should I follow it…but of course. *smiles*  Oh if it could only get this green and this pretty in RL.


jungle 6_001

There is a fungus among us …. but can you see me?  Way in the back?


jungle 7_001

I was very quiet, I did not want to scare the mommy and baby. You know how mothers are about their young.  awww the baby is just soo very cute.


jungle 83_001

I heard something as I was walking along the path, then these plants had this strange glow and mist come around… it drew me closer.


jungle 9_001

Oh no!!!!!!!!!  There is everything in the jungle. A downed plain still on fire, I tried to peek inside but did not see any survivors or victims. The only thing is that group of hyenas (I think that is what they are) prowling close. I hope everybody got out okay, the hatch was open so all fingers are crossed.


jungle 10_001

Would you believe that I think that is a mushroom back there….what ever it is, this spot was so beautiful I had to stop and pose. hehehe


jungle 11_001

Shhhh do you see them? That tall one scared the daylights out of me when it started walking *laughs*  At first I thought it was one of the animals, maybe free roaming or whatever that word is that lets certain animals move. But to my wonderful surprise that magnificent giraffe was the owner of this sim. yeah yeah yeah, the name tag should have made me realize it was an avi, but it was up so high I thought there was someone maybe standing up in one of the trees. *grins*


jungle 12_001

Do you still notice all the amazing things around me in these pictures. I moved to a different side of the fishing pier, [if you have 7seas fishing, you can do it there] and just stood for a moment watching the giraffe and everything else.


jungle 13_001

Look at that…so beautiful.. the white white and the sky blue of those flowers, plus the glow!  I have truly fallen in love with this place.  Right behind my shoulder you see a purple disk, that will enable you to TP to soo many places. Lets see if I can remember, umm the fishing place. the hidden cave (picture below) there is a dance  place, a …. a… ohh somewhere around here are tubes  where you can float around the water….and soooo many more places to explore.


jungle 14_001

I stayed far away from those, that is a silverback gorilla right?  Look at the muskoles (yes I know its spelled wrong, but you have to spell it wrong if the muscles are that big)


jungle 15_001

I was standing atop a large rock/mountain/hill wondering what kind of plants those are, the iridescent colors and soooooo big.  Ohh look see the waves crashing, I must have been up rather high.


jungle 17_001

Now we are inside the hidden cave, and i found a rope to climb. “Come on pudding you can make it!”  And I did make it to the top, but there were so many beautiful flowers that I just slid back down.  *smiles*


jungle 18_001

Points to the pillows and rug. Now you know why its called a hidden cave *wink..wink…wink*


jungle 19_001This was just a beautiful place to stop and rest to come back another day…There is really nothing to say…its just fricking beautiful.

I did not capture everyplace I went, but there would not be enough space. But I cant wait to go back and enjoy the beauty and find even more things to explore.   You have GOT TO go see this place…..but only if you can appreciate the wonderful, serene, peaceful, imaginative, beautiful, romantic, inspiring beauty that is  The Jungle.


That is all …………..

The Journey

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaz uuuuuuuuuuuuup!!    What a loaded question!  But really what has been up with that kajria known as Devine?  The blog was started just so I can give my two cents about what is going on in and around my Gorean life in SL.  It then moved more to adventures outside of Gor and in SL, Then well just whatever popped into my mind, old things that I had written, videos of songs that I like, and not much about my Gorean life. **grins**

My Gorean life has limited knowledge, I have been a slave in SL ever since this avi was created back in 2008, but in the BDSM world. I had many different Masters human and some not so human, and was considered many different things: a slave, a sub, a pet. All that time I was searching for.. for something. I knew something more was out there but just did not know what. So for four long years I was searching, then in late 2012 I was brought by my then Master to Gor, to the village of Tarnsport. I had heard soooo many bad things about “those gorean people” that all they want to do is R&R, Rape and raid. Was this girl scared? heck yea. So here I am, introduced to Gor, not having read a book or anything. A true virgin. (snickers)  had to laugh at that one. But you know what I meant. Okay, now where was I… Yes a scared slave with a then Master that knew as much about Gor as I did. I had been with that Master for a total of three years, (collared twice by him  in the BDSM word and my time in gor with him)

He brought me into his strange world and something started happening, the more I learned the more I realized that maybe what I was searching for was here in this world but not really able to find it. This happened, that happened, and the slave Devine was still searching. To make that long story short, it ended up Gor nor this girl was what was on the front of his mind. So I begged a release, I just couldn’t serve a master who at that time didn’t want me, the life he brought me to and that I wanted, and didn’t know himself. Now I am happy to say we are friends again, can never have that old relationship but am glad to have my friend back.  [wait…. where was I, sorry started watching youtube videos and lost my train of thought].

So then I was unowned for a few days, maybe a week, before the Admin of Tarnsport collared me. Well this happened, and that happened and even more happened. Through my brief time in Gor, I had been going to classes, learning, reading,wanting to know as much about being a kajria as I could, devine was still searching. To make a long story short again, He passed away the beginning of this year. I added a post juls wrote about him earlier this year.  Then I became a village slave. That was interesting, but thankfully in this instance only, there was not much traffic in the village. I would have been slightly well more than slightly nervous. Remember, the only Gor that I knew was what was in Tarnsport

And as you guessed it… stuff happened, this happened that happened, and even more happened. This is been a very difficult, strange, emotionally charged, emotionally draining first half of the year. After belonging to the village for a while, the then slaver and Admin bought me.  Yes, I am leaving out a lot of personal details about the this and that’s, well because family business is just that family business and its in the past.  Through these years of searching I finally realized what I was searching for. A Gorean Master, that will take full control of His property. Not a boyfriend Master, not a friend Master, not a nice I want to make up for all the bad that has been done to you Master, not a I am a Master but don’t know how to master Master. Inside I knew why when I was brought to Gor and sat and watched how the Masters and slaves interacted, it sparked a fire inside of me. I knew that this world was what Devine was searching for all of those years.

Well, the journey still continues and a new chapter is opening in the slave formally known as Devine but now knows as Pudding’s life. My Master has decided to leave the only village I had ever known, frighting yes. But a new adventure awaits. There is much more I would like to say, but …. better left alone. Actually I do have something else to say and I typed it below, but cut it out to be put in its own blog. But for now….


That is all………

A Kajira’s Adventure Down the Amazon River

This is a bit late, but I still wanted to describe this adventure, that I had over the weekend. I went to visit this sim called Amazon River, its featured on the front page of the SL website. And yes, went visiting because nobody was in the sim – what else is new. Just don’t get it so many r/p opportunities and nobody takes them.  What good is a kajira if there is nobody to r/p with?  *shakes her head* neverthemind.  Wooooosaaaaaw   wooooooooosaaaaaaaaawww

Back to the sim.   Since its featured its full of people…. normal ones and yes! those bothersome newbies. I think some newbies are not really new, just oldies that want to be bothersome. People just jumping into your boat without asking, …. So rude!  But that’s okay, if you know there are ways to get rid of unwanted bodies in the river.  muahhahahaha


This is not the beginning of the sim, but this place covers three sims total and it GREAT, Everything down to the color of water, birds flying overhead, things underneath…. hmm I wonder if that was a sleen that I saw back there.



Look at the overgrowth in the trees. Ohh the boat..I forgot to tell you, when you land, you can either walk through the rain forest or grab a boat at the end of the dock. 3 people can fit in it at one time.



Not much to say here but WOW!



Again WOW, but with a distance view



Okay, Don’t know how this happened, but I was on the boat and guess crossed sim lines, windlight changed and what a difference.



I can’t believe what I ran into… a wave, did this kajira shriek and run away? NO.. well okay screaming yes, but running away no. I took it like a champ, rode that wave with this boat better than Gidget did on a surfboard. LOL



Looking behind me… heck yes I gunned that boat to get out of there! I wanted to live to see another adventure!



Back into the jungle, or rain forest or on the Amazon River, I saw this tiny village, but I didn’t see any body around. Not sure if that was a good or a bad sign.



I got out the boat and walked around for a bit, by the way the boats vanish after 15 seconds. so if you get out, make sure you can get back. *Laughs*  This place was looking a bit scary.



Okay, I enjoy nature and all that but I’ve never seen an ant eater actually eating ants. My skin started itching after a few minutes, felt like the ants were all over  me.


Okay okay okay…. No I didnt make it out of that area by myself, I cheated and TP’d back to the landing point and got another boat. BE CAREFUL of the crocks, they will swing their might tail and destroy your boat, and you will sink. Or the crocks will bite or swish you with your tail and you will go flying, or something even more sinister… That you have to find out on your own.



Yet again, I got out and lost my boat, but went into this cave and if you look real close, my name is inscribed on the wall. SPOOKY!!



Yep you guessed, I left that cave quickly, forgetting that the boat sinks and nobody was around to give me a lift, This time I was not going to cheat and was going to get out on my own. And I did…. sorta



This native of the Amazon helped me across the river. See that guy walking across the rope in the corner, he was umm all bare, not even a fig leaf. Well this guy saw that I was a bit nervous so he was talking to me for a bit and greeted me “Tal”. In my own language. He was trying to make me comfortable, hmmm hopefully not to tenderize me for lunch… naaaah. He was very friendly and we talked a bit OOC and IC. OOC’ly he said the sim was having a lot of lag because of all the people that were coming to visit and the owners moved the Open Collar store somewhere on that sim. Yep that would do it. And IC’ly he said that this girl was nice to talk to and he would keep me safe. Get this!! He said they have Panthers roaming the Amazon ,and not the cat kind. So maybe this is a earth/gor/amazon/ge type place?  I dont know but it is cool to look around.



Yeah different outfit, same place, next day, had to come back for another visit there is so much I have yet to see. Like this place. How do I get up there?



Finally if you look up in the trees you can make out the beautifully red, birds, Had to tilt my camera up high to get them flying across the bridge.



Welp, I will definitely be back to that place there is so much more to visit. But for now……..


That is all …….