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Traveling like crazy

Tal y’all,

Yesterday was just every so totally, extremely, ummmmm trying to think of more adjectives to describe, 1000 percently boring. Nobody was around for me to chat with, and I am normally not in-world during the day, so I figured it would be an exciting fun time with lots of people to talk to. NOT. But that’s okay, I am used to being alone and eventually will find something fun or interesting to do.

And that is what I did yesterday, again the silks slid off of the skin and earth clothes took their place. Juls took me to this cool shop to get a new hair style….. TOTALLY CUTE!!. So of course I had to find an outfit to match the hair, and shoes to match the outfit and the hair. And yes! It was pink overload. LOL So where do I start, do I put the whole day into one blog, because that will be a lot of pictures…. or should I post each location into, well its own post? I know, I’ll mix and match… some places I took a lot of photos, and others I didn’t.. One place that Lara and I visited was so pitch black dark, I could only take a few and that was just because we found some light. And when I say pitch black, I mean BLACK, they even tell you how to change your setting for a total blackout experience. And one other place had avi’s like I have never seen before. Ohh, I guess instead of saying it all here, I should just show you. 

I think, I will call all the following posts the same, to make it easier. But what to call them…Strange Travels…yea that’s good. *Looks up at you reading her words and smiles, lowers her head and returns to her writing*

oh yea….that is all