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I have been inspired I guess you can say. Looking at all of Juls blogs have really inspired me to try again to get back into blogging. But sadly the same issue comes forth. WHAT to write about? I sort of want it to be meaningful, insightful, to give you the reader that WOW factor.  sooooooooooo  I thought and thought and guess what?  Still the same thing, I sit down and well, sort of plan to write something but then.. BLAM. My mind switches, but that is how most of my blogs and actually come to think of it, my conversations go.

So I am going to get back into writing, it was suggested that since I do explore so many places to just write about that. hmmm, that is a possibility. But what is weighing on my mind now is Gorean Slaves.  *Gasp*   Yea, I know right! Whatever do you mean Pudding?

Well, just this, when and why are slaves being sometimes treated as a free? And where are the real Gorean sims.  Now thinking about those two things, they are actually two different types of blog, but hey! That is how my mind is thinking the day after daylight savings time!

Where is the Gorean sim, that has Masters actually acting like Masters. Now I am not saying for the men to beat on their chests “ME MASTER….YOU SLUT…YOU SEX ME NOW!” umm No. Those are the newbie Masters. {rofl}  But where are the Masters that actually have enough balls to discipline a slave that is not there own. * Which goes back to my other question? Slaves having what they will and will not do in their profiles. Umm guess what chika you are a slave. If you don’t like it, go to a non Gorean sim. “I will FTB or TP out with no r/p in 15 minutes”  Really???  So then you being a slave is not about wanting to serve the free, its about you wanting to get your slap and tickle game on, then leave.

Guess what slaves? This is an important service announcement, its not all about you. Really it isn’t. If you want it to be all about you go to the hottest BDSM screw me, scene over, find a different person to screw sim.  Being a slave is about your owner. * Now that also goes to the Owners/Masters, who are scared to say anything in local to their slave for fear of not getting the nookie that night. Knock knock!   Yo! Master dude! Guess what! YOU are the Master not your slave. hmmm why did Maury mixed with Oprah come into my mind. “YOU are not the Master!”  “YOU get a slave” YOU get a slave” “YOU are not the Master” “YOU…You…YOU are NOT the Master”  (shakes head okay I’m back now)  Were you saying that in the Oprah voice “you get a car…you get a car…you you you get a car LOL”  Okay I am really back now.

But the question still remains, where are the Real Good Gorean Sims.  I was actually talking to my Master the other day about something close to this. When you say this sim is BTB, or this or that is BTB. What actually does that mean?  John Norman said one thing in Book one, then by the time book 15 came around he totally changed his mind. So when is BTB actually BTB and who’s interpretation are you using?  10 different people can read 1 think and get 15 different ideas from it. So when a sim is stating they are BTB, it might not be what you think is BTB. So then, what is a BTB sim?

How about having a place that is just a Gorean sim?  Yea some will call it lifestyle but isn’t that what we do on any sim. Live the life of a FM, a FW, a FC, a slave? Living the life = lifestyle, just depends on how deep you want to take it. Do you want to scratch the service or do you really want to dig down deep into the culture?  That’s something to think about, ya know?

I totally got off of what I was planing to say. *laughs* but I am not shocked. So Masters, if you are on a Gorean sim, and you see a slave, there for say a week or two even, without any hint of a Master, what do you do?   Just because there is a tag above her head saying someones name does that mean you cant touch?  But wait!!  Remember people did not wear tags above their head in Gor.

*Thumb tack again*

Wouldn’t it just be totally cool, if they could make the sims, to when you land on it, your name tag vanishes, your profile vanishes, your ‘title’ vanishes. The only thing is you, the person. And then you would have to walk around and actually talk to people to get to know who they are, what they are, what restrictions the slaves actually have. Don’t you realize how much more people would interact with each other?   A slave is walking around, she is beautiful, you want a drink, food, maybe more. You would actually have to talk to the slave. And on the flip side, the slave would actually have to talk and act as a slave when speaking. Her “tag and profile” wont announce she is owned, she is restricted, she is white silk, red silk, first girl, last girl, nothing.  Ohh the Free would have to come out of their homes and speak to people. Now I just thought of eliminating IM’s but they may be necessary, but I wonder if there was a way it could be restricted or something. I don’t know, I will have to work on my imaginary sim a little bit more. But come on now! Admit it!  That would be so flipping cool, just having to talk to people to find out who they are.

*takes out the thumbtack and tries to remember the though line she was on*

OH Yea, Masters seeing slaves. A lot of girls are not owned, but say they are just to be able to go onto a sim and decide if they want to play. But what if slaves were slaves and free were free. Hmmm interesting thought actually.  *sighs* What was the original idea for this blog anyhow?  I don’t know.

But my mind is now a total blank. soooooooo you know whats next.


That’s all for now…………  Nope not yet.  LOL I did say I was going to try to do a travel blog, but I have no brain so I will just show you the two pictures I took today. That is if I remember how to add them…..*sets the timer*

How long will I wait …….. forever

Will wait forever

How long will I wait ……. forever

This is where I took these two pictures, just went to the landing spot. I have more from here on my flicker page.

Visit this location at Sordid Affair – Grace Island in Second Life

Waiting through the night

Through the still of the night, I will wait for you

Okay, I am not saying HOW LONG it took for me to remember how to do this *laughs*  But I will say …..

That is all ………


I converted to the Dark side …. j/k the Mesh side

This is an expert from my July 8 blog….

“Hey Pudding, so what has changed about you”? I’m so glad you asked, After *counts on fingers* 7 years of having this Avi, and altering n’ adjusting and adjusting n’ altering I got a new shape and skin. *GASPS*  And I think I have given up some of my protest, not all but some, I still don’t change my complete self to fit into a mesh outfit, but I might tweek a few numbers if it does not change the shape much.  But I don’t have a picture saved of me, I didn’t change that much. In fact only one person I think in Haifa even mentioned I looked different. LOL. But its a big change to me so there!


I have to admit it. I did change my complete self to fit into a mesh outfit. I did more than that. *hangs head in shame*  I am sorry to all my fellow protesters, I know I said I would never to a mesh body….but….but….but… It’s just so perfectly curvy, and smooth and and and… well I did it!  I jumped ship. I changed sides. I went to the .. dum dum duuuummmmm Mesh side. And I LOVE IT 🙂 🙂 😛

I have been looking at mesh bodies for a while now, but was not able to find one that I like, I mean really really liked. I don’t want to be a size -3 kajira. Gorean men are big and they might break a little twig. .. Okay, to be totally honest, I can’t say its because I am in Gor. I have always made my shape to be a full figured woman. I just like the curves. And besides, nobody wants a bone but a dog. STOP STOP, don’t fuss and get your panties in a wad. I am saying this is what I like. If you are a -3 and you love it, then more power to you. But as for me!!!  and since this is my writings, I will say it. Nobody wants a bone but a dog!  heehee wait what was I talking about,.. *stops to read up*  oh yea!

So I was getting demos and getting demos and getting demos, and you guessed it, getting demos of mesh bodies, even with the sliders I could not look how I wanted to. BUT!!!!!  FINALLY!!!!!!! *insert dramatic music here* I found the Belleza Venus Mesh body and using the Freya shape I was finally able to look almost how I wanted to.

the new me 2_001

Day one of mesh body

Halloween 2015

After some adjustments. On Halloween

So you see the difference between day one and Halloween. NO I don’t look like that all the time. Just wanted to show the difference in thickness.

And I truly do love it. Still trying to make some adjustments and trying to re-do my clothes closet. Good thing about being a kajira is sometimes the less clothes the better. heehee

But I do wish some of the mesh designers would think about us thick girls. Size xxs is just two dang small, thing about us curvy girls ..AND just because the hips and thighs and butt are thick does not mean we all have football player shoulders and are about 4 months pregnant. Geesh!!!! Okay before I start a rant on that, and only one rant allowed per week, its time for me to say..


That is all……….

Strange Travels … To Lionheart & Hobo Junction

It is really taking me a while to post my travels from a couple of days, but be not dismayed, I shall finish today. LOL  So after I left the land of the Giants this earthbound Kajira checked out the friends list, and saw nobody online. Soooo there was no need to go back to the village. Again the search page was opened and a new search started. I found the next spot and it sounded pretty interesting. The build was a really nice looking city but the only people I saw were store models. Go Figure….


This place was called Lionheart, and you can rezz golf carts and bikes to travel around the sim. Guess which one I chose? Yep the golf cart, and maybe they should give SL Golf Cart drivers training before letting some of us loose on the streets. Everything was going along fine, then the curb jump out in front of me, tipping the cart over. It wasn’t my fault….Honest!!!



Dumped the cart and got on a bike, went around and looked at the cars and the buildings.  Don’t worry the bike didn’t crash or flip over. Ohh on one of the buildings there was a helicopter, I did not even try to make my way up there. There are houses and whatnot attached but I didn’t go over there, just cammed a bit. Road around for a bit, then hopped off and let the feet do the walking.



As I walked I came upon this. Ohhhh so many memories, I took a running start, jumped into the center, closed my eyes, spread out my arms, leaned my head back and spun around and around and around and around. I was having so much fun, till I started getting dizzy.



I had to grab on quick to the railing and started to step off, but it was spinning to fast and drug me around a couple of times. I had flashbacks and tried to get my feet under me to start running so I can jump back on, but that didnt work, so it finally slowed down, and I rolled off into the grass. Sat up dusted myself off, looked around thankful nobody was near and kept walking. heeheehee



There is a building with a photo booth thingy, guess it was a store because there were vendors  with different types. Ya know, I had to “strike a pose.”



Just wish I knew how to use these things, Those lights can change colors, but I didn’t know how to make them vanish, nor stop the snowflakes… OH well… had to strike another pose, just because. After that I opened up search once more and again, and remembered back, waaaay back in old SL, when the Hobo’s were a huge group.



And I mean way back, when there was the teen grid, and you could boat, bike ride, fly across sim to sim to sim without worrying about anything. Remember the Hobo’s would ask for a car ride, boat ride, plane ride, to get somewhere, they didn’t TP nor have anything to travel with, So walk or hitch a ride. So I found this place Hobo Junction. Not sure if it was the same one, it looks a bit different. So I hopped onto the back of the trolly, the conductor must have taken a lunch break. So I took another peek inside and jumped on to the back. “All aaaboooooord”



My driving skills are not that great on tracks either, how I am leaning to the side, I don’t know, but we didn’t hit the walls of the tunnel so it was alright. It was a tiny trip around, the sim looks like it might be in a rebuilding phase, I’m not to sure, but it was a short trip.



I decided to be a real hobo and sat on the railroad tracks. It was a nice view, and you can see the waterfall in the background.



Next time I sit on tracks I have to remember to sit near the edge, I tried to get up and fell into the water, I found this tiny chair to sit on and rung out my clothes and shoes. But the hair did not mess up. WOOO HOOO Way to go SL Aqua Net.  I sat for a while just relaxing and reflecting and watching the people around. I knew it was time to go when a child avi came around talking to other people. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with child avi’s if you are one and are enjoying your time.. have a ball. I personally just feel a little uncomfortable talking with them, especially dressed as a kajira but even as an earth girl, its not my favorite thing to do.



So after that, RL came and it was time to take care of well RL. But I did come back online that night and found some really interesting places.  More to come, but for now……


That is all…….

Strange Travels .. to The Land of Giants

After, I got all dolled up I opened up the search and started looking for something interesting, fun, unusual, well heck, just something. I found that and more!

As soon as I landed the paparazzi, started hounding me, shouting out questions after questions, and the flashbulbs were popping like crazy. Goodness how did they know I was going to be there. Dang that TMZ, must have bugged my search engine.



This little green guy, I guess is the tour guide, told me where to go. For a leprechaun, he sure was big, and those eyes. *shudders* creepy. He told me this was a strange place, and if I needed any help to find people that were dressed like he was.



I knew something was strange when I had to climb the steps, no walk, but climb, Then I was looking down following the arrows when I bumped into a pair of feet. What!!! That guy and his little sister must have been coming home from school. The little green dude, told me to go through the tiny door. Looked like a mousehole to me…but, whatever p.s. those are not real people. hahaha, the real ones are comming up later



Those two look familiar and why are they looking at me with the magnifying glass? Was I on TV or in a TV, still not sure, but the green dude told me to jump into the carriage, and he took me on a tour around the house. I didnt take any pictures, because, well everything was too big.



After the tour, I managed to climb onto the table,, okay I flew but don’t tell anybody. I was standing and looking at that huge plate of food when look what walked in. She scared me to the end of the table, and YES that is an Avi. I am standing on the table and she was standing on the floor. I watched her walk around and it seemed like it was difficult walking around, almost like she was waking in a lag storm. I didn’t have lag, but maybe because of her size or maybe that is how they walked. Regardless, she scared the you know what out of me.



See that yellow dot in the chair. It is a poseball, for those giant Avi’s to sit. I had to stare at the lobster wondering if it was going to eat me or was I going to eat it. He won ’cause it look like like it moved and I RAN. LOL



I moved from the kitchen into the living room and saw the largest piano I ever had seen. I had to fly up but couldn’t land on it, I think It plays music but am not too sure.



So after, I landed after playing on the piano keys for a while, I heard a bubbling noise. Well I just had not know what it was so I turned the corner and WOOOOOHHH, This HUGE guy was standing watching the fish tank (and no not an avi) I had to stand between his shoes and OMG he was tall.



See bird cage was right next to the fish take, well I had to climb and climb and climb ’cause I thought it was empty, After i got inside I started swinging then OH MY GOSH, the bird flew and landed watching me on his swing. He looks like he wants to eat me.



I looked up after I jumped down and said, sorry Mr. Giant Byrd, you can have your swing back. He kept looking at me, so I got out of there quickly.



Next stop was the little kajira room, I wanted to check my hair, but as you can see I did not reach the mirror, Heck I couldn’t even reach the edge of the counter top.



I smelled something sweet and went to check it out, They had a huge river in the middle of their house. Come to find out, it was not a river, but a coke spill. That must have been a huge can of coke. So I jumped into one of the toy boats and floated down to see where it took me. There was a grate at the end so I figured I would stop in the bathroom.



But did it stop NOOOOOO. It there was a hole and I slid threw and ended up in the sewer I guess, but there were oh so many creepy crawly things. spiders and other nasty yucky bugs.** screams and ducks **



Whew finally made it out the sewer and went back to talk with the little green man, when it felt like a Gorquake, I mean an Earthquake. I looked around and spotted another giant avi was walking around. She almost stepped on me. Geesh, watch where you are walking lady.



Finally after searching I found where the other music was coming from. It took me all the way back to my childhood, I managed to get on top of the pool table, I’m sure you can figure out how that happened. *grins* and Look at what I found. An ancient TV, Nintendo 64 and Mario Bros. That gold round thing you see is one of the balls.


I snuck into the little girls room and took a ride on her Merry-Go-Round. I didnt know she was there, till we I looked up. eeps


By that time Mistress Dak came online and I invited her to see the large avi’s with me, but by the time she changes from a FW to an earth woman, the giant was gone. So we took a few spins on the Merry go round, waved to the paparazzi on the ground and finished exploring.



The Mistress was called away by RL, and I was tired of being the shrimp among giants, So I popped into the TV, hung out with Mario while he was collecting his coins. ** Laughs**



That is all ……