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It’s been a while but I’m baaaaaaaaaack …. for good this time

I did not realize how long its been since I blubbered… I mean blogged about my life in SL. I looked back and it was LAST YEAR, almost a whole year has passed by. Okay maybe not a whole year just about 8 months, but thats pretty dang close. Has a lot happened?   Duh!! I live in SL Gor, things change ALL the time.  Let me see if I can do a quick play by play update. Since my last post.


Here I go?

Master found us a home sim, we moved to Port Haifa back in January or February, He became a citizen and I have a great photo of that on my flicker. Yeps. I’m still addicted to flicker. LOL  Don’t judge me!!!!!!! I love it!!!!  Petitioning for Citizenship  And we have been through the Up and downs of a Gorean sim since then. I’m not going to bore you with them or hash over what happened but its SL Gor, you already know or if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. And if you do know, it still doesn’t matter

because its in the past.  heehee

So whats going on today?  I went to RLF and lit 2 luminaries. Of course next to Goreans Relay For Life.


Goreans Relay for Life

Got a little sad thinking, so figured, I will go visit again when I have someone with me.   Okay time to change subjects before I get mopey again.

“Hey Pudding, so what has changed about you”? I’m so glad you asked, After *counts on fingers* 7 years of having this Avi, and altering n’ adjusting and adjusting n’ altering I got a new shape and skin. *GASPS*  And I think I have given up some of my protest, not all but some, I still don’t change my complete self to fit into a mesh outfit, but I might tweek a few numbers if it does not change the shape much.  But I don’t have a picture saved of me, I didn’t change that much. In fact only one person I think in Haifa even mentioned I looked different. LOL. But its a big change to me so there!

Ya’ know, I was just thinking a LOT has happened since we came to Haifa, but I would not change a thing about my Master nor my Chainsister. I love them to bits!   So in my musings, I may revert back to something, and if I do and go totally into left field, welllllll, that’s okay. Once you are able to follow my train of thought then  you have reached the pinnacle of understanding a scattered mind.

I think I will try to start at least once a week updates, but you can also check out whats going on with my flicker, its more of my SL life, not just my Gorean life. “EGADS! She does something else other than Gor?!?!?!?”  Yes, I do a lot outside of Gor but that does not change who I am, a kajira owned by my Master. I just enjoy what SL has to offer.

Ohhhh and some of the Sims I have visited, Okay, I will have to go back and to visit and give you updated on them, I have seen some AMAZING things. And some pretty strange things that make you say  What you talkin' bout Willis  - what chu talkin  bout willis. ..

But I’ll show you those later, because I am not in world right now. LOL   alright, Time for me to go, RL is knocking “HOLD ON I’M COMING” change that to banging at my door.

That is all……………


A Kajiras visit to The Jungle

As I said in my previous blog, I went to a place last night that just BLEW me away. Nothing super exciting, no pew pew, no capture, no guns no nothing. Just extreme beauty and peace. A place where your imagination can just explode with thoughts, visions and wonderment, a place so beautiful Gorean and Earth people alike will just be in awe at all the flora and fauna that are there.

What is the the place you ask?   The Jungle   I know the few pictures that I have taken won’t do this place justice, you will truly need to see it for yourself.


The landing point. Dare you walk into the mouth of the lion?  I hope you do, and I am glad that I did.


jungle 2_001

This was taken using my graphics on med high, but my computer will get mad if I try to walk, but just wanted to show you the detail of the elephant


jungle 3_001

I found a tree path to walk up… I don’t know if I am in a fairy land or what, but everything has such vibrant color. Look the elephants are behind me and over to the left there is a giraffe.


jungle 4_001

Walking off the path I found a firepit, and wanted to warm my tootsies. What did I see, a monkey in a tree…..Is that bubbles????   The surrounding plants are amazing.


jungle 5_001

There is a path, should I follow it…but of course. *smiles*  Oh if it could only get this green and this pretty in RL.


jungle 6_001

There is a fungus among us …. but can you see me?  Way in the back?


jungle 7_001

I was very quiet, I did not want to scare the mommy and baby. You know how mothers are about their young.  awww the baby is just soo very cute.


jungle 83_001

I heard something as I was walking along the path, then these plants had this strange glow and mist come around… it drew me closer.


jungle 9_001

Oh no!!!!!!!!!  There is everything in the jungle. A downed plain still on fire, I tried to peek inside but did not see any survivors or victims. The only thing is that group of hyenas (I think that is what they are) prowling close. I hope everybody got out okay, the hatch was open so all fingers are crossed.


jungle 10_001

Would you believe that I think that is a mushroom back there….what ever it is, this spot was so beautiful I had to stop and pose. hehehe


jungle 11_001

Shhhh do you see them? That tall one scared the daylights out of me when it started walking *laughs*  At first I thought it was one of the animals, maybe free roaming or whatever that word is that lets certain animals move. But to my wonderful surprise that magnificent giraffe was the owner of this sim. yeah yeah yeah, the name tag should have made me realize it was an avi, but it was up so high I thought there was someone maybe standing up in one of the trees. *grins*


jungle 12_001

Do you still notice all the amazing things around me in these pictures. I moved to a different side of the fishing pier, [if you have 7seas fishing, you can do it there] and just stood for a moment watching the giraffe and everything else.


jungle 13_001

Look at that…so beautiful.. the white white and the sky blue of those flowers, plus the glow!  I have truly fallen in love with this place.  Right behind my shoulder you see a purple disk, that will enable you to TP to soo many places. Lets see if I can remember, umm the fishing place. the hidden cave (picture below) there is a dance  place, a …. a… ohh somewhere around here are tubes  where you can float around the water….and soooo many more places to explore.


jungle 14_001

I stayed far away from those, that is a silverback gorilla right?  Look at the muskoles (yes I know its spelled wrong, but you have to spell it wrong if the muscles are that big)


jungle 15_001

I was standing atop a large rock/mountain/hill wondering what kind of plants those are, the iridescent colors and soooooo big.  Ohh look see the waves crashing, I must have been up rather high.


jungle 17_001

Now we are inside the hidden cave, and i found a rope to climb. “Come on pudding you can make it!”  And I did make it to the top, but there were so many beautiful flowers that I just slid back down.  *smiles*


jungle 18_001

Points to the pillows and rug. Now you know why its called a hidden cave *wink..wink…wink*


jungle 19_001This was just a beautiful place to stop and rest to come back another day…There is really nothing to say…its just fricking beautiful.

I did not capture everyplace I went, but there would not be enough space. But I cant wait to go back and enjoy the beauty and find even more things to explore.   You have GOT TO go see this place…..but only if you can appreciate the wonderful, serene, peaceful, imaginative, beautiful, romantic, inspiring beauty that is  The Jungle.


That is all …………..

Traveling like crazy

Tal y’all,

Yesterday was just every so totally, extremely, ummmmm trying to think of more adjectives to describe, 1000 percently boring. Nobody was around for me to chat with, and I am normally not in-world during the day, so I figured it would be an exciting fun time with lots of people to talk to. NOT. But that’s okay, I am used to being alone and eventually will find something fun or interesting to do.

And that is what I did yesterday, again the silks slid off of the skin and earth clothes took their place. Juls took me to this cool shop to get a new hair style….. TOTALLY CUTE!!. So of course I had to find an outfit to match the hair, and shoes to match the outfit and the hair. And yes! It was pink overload. LOL So where do I start, do I put the whole day into one blog, because that will be a lot of pictures…. or should I post each location into, well its own post? I know, I’ll mix and match… some places I took a lot of photos, and others I didn’t.. One place that Lara and I visited was so pitch black dark, I could only take a few and that was just because we found some light. And when I say pitch black, I mean BLACK, they even tell you how to change your setting for a total blackout experience. And one other place had avi’s like I have never seen before. Ohh, I guess instead of saying it all here, I should just show you. 

I think, I will call all the following posts the same, to make it easier. But what to call them…Strange Travels…yea that’s good. *Looks up at you reading her words and smiles, lowers her head and returns to her writing*

oh yea….that is all



Linda! Honey! Honey! Listen to me

I just had to, my usual watching videos until it’s waaay past my bed time. But Mateo is too funny. You know he is imitating someone by the way he closes his eyes and places his hands on his hips. NOW, that would not fly in my house, because there is no way a 3 year old is going to call me by my first name, nor argue with me. A spanking would be on the way.

What happened is Mateo asked his grandmother in Spanish if he could have a cupcake thinking his mother did not know Spanish. Sneaky little kid.  ha ha ha

Saying all that……..this was tooooooo funny. Okay nite nite, Serve with fire and desire.

That is all