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It’s been a while but I’m baaaaaaaaaack …. for good this time

I did not realize how long its been since I blubbered… I mean blogged about my life in SL. I looked back and it was LAST YEAR, almost a whole year has passed by. Okay maybe not a whole year just about 8 months, but thats pretty dang close. Has a lot happened?   Duh!! I live in SL Gor, things change ALL the time.  Let me see if I can do a quick play by play update. Since my last post.


Here I go?

Master found us a home sim, we moved to Port Haifa back in January or February, He became a citizen and I have a great photo of that on my flicker. Yeps. I’m still addicted to flicker. LOL  Don’t judge me!!!!!!! I love it!!!!  Petitioning for Citizenship  And we have been through the Up and downs of a Gorean sim since then. I’m not going to bore you with them or hash over what happened but its SL Gor, you already know or if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. And if you do know, it still doesn’t matter

because its in the past.  heehee

So whats going on today?  I went to RLF and lit 2 luminaries. Of course next to Goreans Relay For Life.


Goreans Relay for Life

Got a little sad thinking, so figured, I will go visit again when I have someone with me.   Okay time to change subjects before I get mopey again.

“Hey Pudding, so what has changed about you”? I’m so glad you asked, After *counts on fingers* 7 years of having this Avi, and altering n’ adjusting and adjusting n’ altering I got a new shape and skin. *GASPS*  And I think I have given up some of my protest, not all but some, I still don’t change my complete self to fit into a mesh outfit, but I might tweek a few numbers if it does not change the shape much.  But I don’t have a picture saved of me, I didn’t change that much. In fact only one person I think in Haifa even mentioned I looked different. LOL. But its a big change to me so there!

Ya’ know, I was just thinking a LOT has happened since we came to Haifa, but I would not change a thing about my Master nor my Chainsister. I love them to bits!   So in my musings, I may revert back to something, and if I do and go totally into left field, welllllll, that’s okay. Once you are able to follow my train of thought then  you have reached the pinnacle of understanding a scattered mind.

I think I will try to start at least once a week updates, but you can also check out whats going on with my flicker, its more of my SL life, not just my Gorean life. “EGADS! She does something else other than Gor?!?!?!?”  Yes, I do a lot outside of Gor but that does not change who I am, a kajira owned by my Master. I just enjoy what SL has to offer.

Ohhhh and some of the Sims I have visited, Okay, I will have to go back and to visit and give you updated on them, I have seen some AMAZING things. And some pretty strange things that make you say  What you talkin' bout Willis  - what chu talkin  bout willis. ..

But I’ll show you those later, because I am not in world right now. LOL   alright, Time for me to go, RL is knocking “HOLD ON I’M COMING” change that to banging at my door.

That is all……………