Strange Travels … To Lionheart & Hobo Junction

It is really taking me a while to post my travels from a couple of days, but be not dismayed, I shall finish today. LOL  So after I left the land of the Giants this earthbound Kajira checked out the friends list, and saw nobody online. Soooo there was no need to go back to the village. Again the search page was opened and a new search started. I found the next spot and it sounded pretty interesting. The build was a really nice looking city but the only people I saw were store models. Go Figure….


This place was called Lionheart, and you can rezz golf carts and bikes to travel around the sim. Guess which one I chose? Yep the golf cart, and maybe they should give SL Golf Cart drivers training before letting some of us loose on the streets. Everything was going along fine, then the curb jump out in front of me, tipping the cart over. It wasn’t my fault….Honest!!!



Dumped the cart and got on a bike, went around and looked at the cars and the buildings.  Don’t worry the bike didn’t crash or flip over. Ohh on one of the buildings there was a helicopter, I did not even try to make my way up there. There are houses and whatnot attached but I didn’t go over there, just cammed a bit. Road around for a bit, then hopped off and let the feet do the walking.



As I walked I came upon this. Ohhhh so many memories, I took a running start, jumped into the center, closed my eyes, spread out my arms, leaned my head back and spun around and around and around and around. I was having so much fun, till I started getting dizzy.



I had to grab on quick to the railing and started to step off, but it was spinning to fast and drug me around a couple of times. I had flashbacks and tried to get my feet under me to start running so I can jump back on, but that didnt work, so it finally slowed down, and I rolled off into the grass. Sat up dusted myself off, looked around thankful nobody was near and kept walking. heeheehee



There is a building with a photo booth thingy, guess it was a store because there were vendors  with different types. Ya know, I had to “strike a pose.”



Just wish I knew how to use these things, Those lights can change colors, but I didn’t know how to make them vanish, nor stop the snowflakes… OH well… had to strike another pose, just because. After that I opened up search once more and again, and remembered back, waaaay back in old SL, when the Hobo’s were a huge group.



And I mean way back, when there was the teen grid, and you could boat, bike ride, fly across sim to sim to sim without worrying about anything. Remember the Hobo’s would ask for a car ride, boat ride, plane ride, to get somewhere, they didn’t TP nor have anything to travel with, So walk or hitch a ride. So I found this place Hobo Junction. Not sure if it was the same one, it looks a bit different. So I hopped onto the back of the trolly, the conductor must have taken a lunch break. So I took another peek inside and jumped on to the back. “All aaaboooooord”



My driving skills are not that great on tracks either, how I am leaning to the side, I don’t know, but we didn’t hit the walls of the tunnel so it was alright. It was a tiny trip around, the sim looks like it might be in a rebuilding phase, I’m not to sure, but it was a short trip.



I decided to be a real hobo and sat on the railroad tracks. It was a nice view, and you can see the waterfall in the background.



Next time I sit on tracks I have to remember to sit near the edge, I tried to get up and fell into the water, I found this tiny chair to sit on and rung out my clothes and shoes. But the hair did not mess up. WOOO HOOO Way to go SL Aqua Net.  I sat for a while just relaxing and reflecting and watching the people around. I knew it was time to go when a child avi came around talking to other people. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with child avi’s if you are one and are enjoying your time.. have a ball. I personally just feel a little uncomfortable talking with them, especially dressed as a kajira but even as an earth girl, its not my favorite thing to do.



So after that, RL came and it was time to take care of well RL. But I did come back online that night and found some really interesting places.  More to come, but for now……


That is all…….


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