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What Has Happened??!!

Oh my gosh it has been a while since I posted but, this is not about that.

I want to know…..

What has happened to Gorean dance?

What has happened to the beauty personified in a slave dancing?

What has happened to the love of the dance?

What has happened to the raw emotions that are felt when watching a girl dance?

What has happened to the pride in doing your best performance to please the free?

What has happened when your music, words, animations have nothing in common?

What has happened to the humor, in a slave dancing being happy, silly, hoping that the free may laugh and enjoy her dance?

What has happened to the music? When did Gorean musicians play techno, dub, today’s music and have top 40 pop singers….singing…pop tunes?

What has happened to the reason behind the dance?

What has happened to slaves dancing to please the free and instead dancing to please themselves?

What has happened to the knowledge and understanding WHY a slave dances?

What has happened to the culture of Gorean dance?

What has happened to the culture of Gor?

What has happened to Gorean dance?

What has happened?


Strange Travels … To. Fallen New York

This was the end of our traveling day. Lara and I found one last place to visit. Fallen New York, as they described it 19 years after the destruction of the earth, the equator, weather, climate, civilization changed as we know it. What was left is what you are about to see…. Ohh that sounded dramatic!  LOL


We started to walk around the SIM but the dust storm was so bad, we took off running looking for shelter. We found a sunken place that had some, well guess you could call them homes. We are standing on one, and…wow Lady Liberty is in the back broken and covered with sand.  See that little shack looking thing behind us and in front of her, that is another house that was for rent also.  Looking around we found a trailer that had windows and doors, if we could not find our way back to Gor and our village, at least we knew where we could stay.



In walking around Lara was fussing about all the dang gates around, when we heard a voice from nowhere pop up, We started to run away, but the voice came up from below in the sewers and started talking to us. This girl looked tough, she had weapons, well a huge wrench and a spray paint can that she sat down as not to scare us. Guess we looked like visitors. hahahaha



We talked to her for a while, she was telling us there are more people like here, trying to survive, She said she really missed food as all she had to eat were …rats. Ughs!!!  She kept looking up in the sky for some reason, then mentioned something about a many flying or something like that, she was very vague, I dont think she trusted us much.  But then as usual RL came and took her away. Hopefully we can visit with her again.



We hopped the gate and started walking around. The dust had settled some and we found this nice porch with some chairs not toooo dusty and dirty, Feet up and time for girls to relax. That dust storm had gotten us thirsty so we found a couple of mason jars, that only looked dusty, wiped down the rim and poured a little of that moonshine. I know… I know.. we should not have, but we were so very thirsty, and it was clear and didn’t look bad.



Looks can be deceiving, after one tiny sip our throats started burning, Lara and I both started coughing and gagging.  She gasped out that it was some bad shine…and bad shine can make you go blind or worse!!  OHHH MAHH GAWD!!!!!  I don’t know what was in that, but somehow a dance pit appeared in the street and we thought we saw a row of Masters sitting waiting for us. Yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. I see now it was a gate, but we thought they were masters.  It got so hot, I had to wipe my face with my pink hair band and my hair flew out all over the place.  I wasn’t able to take a pic, but Lara was so messed up on the bad shine, that she started serving the fence, I mean the Masters and up chucked all over their white sandals. So we figured we better start dancing sexy for them



Yes Yes, we were moving in such sensual kajira dance moves, Or so we thought. I almost fell in front of the Masters, while Lara was dipping and leaning sideways. hahahah. Okay maybe not super sensual kajira… more like drunk as a skunk.



Lara finally stood up straight, but that shine was going through me.. Ohh where was the little kajira’s room?



Well I found the room, well bushes, and went back with lara to start dancing. I don’t think we were doing too good of a job. if Juls and Sage could see this dance, Bwahaahaaha. We would be sent back to class in a heartbeat. “London bridges falling down .. falling down.. falling down.. Kajira dancing then falling down…. my dear drunken girls” << sung to the tune of London bridges.



This time I managed to get up straight and dooooooown went Lara.  “Bottoms up bottoms up (up) Ay whats in ya cup
Got a couple bottles, But a couple aint enough.”   We figured….it was time to stumble back to the village if we could find the Priest Kings ship…. If there is a post after this… then you know we made it…




but until then………….that is REALLY all

Silent Thoughts

Have you ever had time to stop and think? I mean really think, those silent thoughts that pass through your mind on a daily basis, but for some reason, you take that time to delve into the meaning behind that thought.

That is what I was doing today. After the farm chores were finished and after a few laps around and through the village, I stopped and looked at our dance pit and thought about the first dance I had written and wanted to look it over.  It wasn’t to hard to find, I have only done two. (laughs)

But anyway, back to my thought. I had written a seduction dance, and I thought it was just one written off of the top of my head so I could finish this dance class. During my thinking mode today, I pulled it out and started ‘fixing’ it, then I started reading it. It really shocked me how much of my feelings that I understand NOW, but didn’t understand THEN are expressed in those words. I just was walking around the village and thinking, and thinking and walking.


Standing for a while, then I realized the sun had broken, so I sat and thought.


That’s the thing about writing when your emotions are close to the surface, you really expose yourself. So, I decided to go baaaack and look at some things I had written. Again, in those poems emotions were so close to the top.  Back to the dance, I wrote, I wonder now if I show it will others really know what was going on in the mind of this kajira or if it was just…….. a dance.

Well, the girls have shown up and time to stop pondering….. until later

That is all………………

Why ask why? Better yet? Why tha hating?

Ya know, sometimes you read a blog and wanna comment on it only to find out the writer of the original blog did not like what you said, so they deleted it. NOW… I had to re-write and I don’t remember what I said. So even through sleepy and supposed to be going to bed (grins) I had to just type up something.. just on G.P.

So, In case it gets deleted again…I figured I would post it here. Now Ill leave out the name of the original blogger, ’cause it doesn’t matter. ;p I just wanted what I had to say in print. Ohh and found this live recording of this song. Enjoy!!!

“Gee, now you are making sure your comments are to your liking before you post them…. shaking my head. But I will state this reply again……the apology was not given via chat. The apology was given over the air shortly after the judges met with the administrator after the contest. Ohh and gasp………there were people on the sim that shouted out they heard the correction and congratulated the girl that was given the correct placing. But I am sure you will delete this comment as you did the first one. And I will say this again……you are allowed to have your feeling..your thoughts, your observations, your opinions….you know that silly stuff our constitution says you have the right to talk about??? Yea that one.. And I will say as I did in the post you deleted, that I will continue coming back to your blog because I enjoy reading some of the things you post. GASPS again………. dare I say something nice even when I don’t agree with you??????? It can happen. So… really don’t remember what I put on that first blog. but it must have been good for you to delete it. I will just use the silly little constitution to say what I want to say on MY little blog with MY thoughts MY feelings MY observations MY OPINIONS… Welp as usual, its late and tomorrow is a work day………so off to bed……maybe.”

That is all!

Shaking My Head

I had to go allll the way back to the 80’s to find the perfect song to fit my mood. Now, I’m not going to say if I heard it when it came out or just on youtube. Not giving my age away that quickly. Bwahaahaahaa …..

Disclaimer here: This is such an 80’s video. It made NOOOOO sense whatsoever. I watched it two times and hmmm what can you say, it was 1985.. Okay yes.. I had to look up the year it was made, so sue me.

But the reason for shaking my head and the song, is in the title of the song and the lyrics…
And I was really going to do a good kajira post today, because a lot is going on. But nooo I saw a bookmark I had not visited in a while so I decided to go there. WRONG MOVE. So out the window goes Devine’s good kajira post and in comes Devine shaking her head.

Now where was I, Oh yeah, As I said above the reason for this blog is in the title and lyrics. “You talk too much… you never shut up.” Hey I should add them, so if anybody wonders if this song is about them they can read and watch. And if they see themselves in it, well……. ’nuff said. hmmmm but if they are talking so much and not stopping they might not realize its about them and probably think the song is about someone else. Ummmmm nope, nada nein, niet, nej, non, degil, nem, não, hayır, or just plain No. It’s for you.. yea you.. right there… no not you, the one right …. over … there.


“You Talk Too Much”

Shut up!!!

You talk too much…
You talk too much…
You talk too much…
You talk too much…

Hey! You over there, I know about your kind
You’re like the Independent Network News on Channel 9
Everywhere that you go, no matter where you at
I said you talk about this, and you talk about that
When the cat took your tongue, I say you took it right back
Your mouth is so big, one bite would kill a Big Mac

You talk too much You never shut up
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never shut up

You talk about people, you don’t even know
And you talk about places, you NEVER go
You talk about your girl, from head to toe
I said your mouth’s moving fast, and your brain’s moving slow

You talk too much You never shut up!!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never shut up

You’re the instigator, the orator of the town
You’re the worst when you converse, just a big mouth clown
You talk when you’re awake, I heard you talk when you sleep
Has anyone ever told you, that talk is cheap

You talk too much You never shut, up!!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

Talking is the one thing, that you can do best
You told the cavity creeps, to watch out for Crest
You never have the story, right and exact
And then you always try to bore me, with your yakkity yak

You talk too much And then you never shut up
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

Everyday you are out fighting someone in the street
And you’re always fighting someone you know ya can’t beat
Then you wonder how, you got in this mess
Just think of what you said, then take a guess

You talk too much You never shut up!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

You’re always spreading rumors, whether bad or good
You’re the damn Walter Cronkite of the neighborhood
The Barbara Walters, and the Howard Cosell
You always come around, with a story to tell

You talk too much And then you never shut up
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

Said it’s everybody’s business that you love to mind
And talkin to you, is like dropping a dime
You’re spreading the word, like it is your job
You should be a stool pigeon, who works for the mob

You talk too much And you never shut up
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never shut up!

A big blabbermouth, that’s what you are
If you were a talk show host, you’d be a star
I said your mouth is big, size extra large
And when you open it, it’s like my garage

You talk too much And then you never shut up
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never shut up

You always like to gossip, just like a girl
You talk so damn much, it’s outta this world
When you’re reincarnated, in your second life
You won’t be a man, you’ll be a nagging wife

You talk too much Then you never shut up
He said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!


Twenty-five hours, eight days a week
Thirteen months outta year, is when you speak
I’m tired of listening to the garbage you talk
Why don’t you find a short pier, and take a long walk

You talk too much Then you never shut up!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!
You talk too much You could be, out of breath
You talk too much Man you naggin me to death
You talk too much Tired of hearing you speak
You talk too much Eight days a week
You talk too much Then you never shut up
I said you talk too much Why don’t you ever SHUT UP!!!
You talk too much Then you never shut up!
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!


Welp… its daylight savings time and I need my hour of sleep that I’m losing. So….. That is all.

Chores still done……still having fun

I guess I should have said that is all for that blog, because I have yet to figure out how to add a picture and video at the same time. I actually didn’t look very hard. Welp, this is part two of dress up day. 😀  Julsy had to leave the world of SL for RL and I had to show sage a club that had almost the same name as one she knew of before. But I didnt want to go dressed as a Kajira, nor as a 1920’s Berlin girl. It was a Country club so Sage countried herself out. Me on the other hand………I had nothing country . Sooooooooooo I went to the other extreme. Biker babe bad ass. hahaha. We popped over to the Sagebrush Inn, jumped on some dance balls and got busy. ImageI I found out later they were actually playing country music. I never turned on my music. Image I had to take a couple of photos by the Coke machine. Sage is innocent pink {{ cough }} {{ cough }} and only Pink on my is the fucia lipstick. I look like the little sister gone wrong. Image Sage: “What is wrong with that girl, I hope nobody thinks we are together” Devine: “Ugh, why did she drag me here to this hokey place, I can’t wait to escape” Image I have had a fun day of dressing up…..But sadly enough the fun day is over, and work comes back tomorrow. That means sleep comes in tonight. Sooooooooo… Yep you got it! That is all.

The Tarnsport Tastas

A video can say more than words. I am so very proud of these three Kajira from Tarnposrt. They dance so beautifully, don’t you agree?

Juls Tuchuk Dance

Lara’s Dance

Sages Lost Dance

As usual I would say more, but I’m sleepy.

That is all