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I have been inspired I guess you can say. Looking at all of Juls blogs have really inspired me to try again to get back into blogging. But sadly the same issue comes forth. WHAT to write about? I sort of want it to be meaningful, insightful, to give you the reader that WOW factor.  sooooooooooo  I thought and thought and guess what?  Still the same thing, I sit down and well, sort of plan to write something but then.. BLAM. My mind switches, but that is how most of my blogs and actually come to think of it, my conversations go.

So I am going to get back into writing, it was suggested that since I do explore so many places to just write about that. hmmm, that is a possibility. But what is weighing on my mind now is Gorean Slaves.  *Gasp*   Yea, I know right! Whatever do you mean Pudding?

Well, just this, when and why are slaves being sometimes treated as a free? And where are the real Gorean sims.  Now thinking about those two things, they are actually two different types of blog, but hey! That is how my mind is thinking the day after daylight savings time!

Where is the Gorean sim, that has Masters actually acting like Masters. Now I am not saying for the men to beat on their chests “ME MASTER….YOU SLUT…YOU SEX ME NOW!” umm No. Those are the newbie Masters. {rofl}  But where are the Masters that actually have enough balls to discipline a slave that is not there own. * Which goes back to my other question? Slaves having what they will and will not do in their profiles. Umm guess what chika you are a slave. If you don’t like it, go to a non Gorean sim. “I will FTB or TP out with no r/p in 15 minutes”  Really???  So then you being a slave is not about wanting to serve the free, its about you wanting to get your slap and tickle game on, then leave.

Guess what slaves? This is an important service announcement, its not all about you. Really it isn’t. If you want it to be all about you go to the hottest BDSM screw me, scene over, find a different person to screw sim.  Being a slave is about your owner. * Now that also goes to the Owners/Masters, who are scared to say anything in local to their slave for fear of not getting the nookie that night. Knock knock!   Yo! Master dude! Guess what! YOU are the Master not your slave. hmmm why did Maury mixed with Oprah come into my mind. “YOU are not the Master!”  “YOU get a slave” YOU get a slave” “YOU are not the Master” “YOU…You…YOU are NOT the Master”  (shakes head okay I’m back now)  Were you saying that in the Oprah voice “you get a car…you get a car…you you you get a car LOL”  Okay I am really back now.

But the question still remains, where are the Real Good Gorean Sims.  I was actually talking to my Master the other day about something close to this. When you say this sim is BTB, or this or that is BTB. What actually does that mean?  John Norman said one thing in Book one, then by the time book 15 came around he totally changed his mind. So when is BTB actually BTB and who’s interpretation are you using?  10 different people can read 1 think and get 15 different ideas from it. So when a sim is stating they are BTB, it might not be what you think is BTB. So then, what is a BTB sim?

How about having a place that is just a Gorean sim?  Yea some will call it lifestyle but isn’t that what we do on any sim. Live the life of a FM, a FW, a FC, a slave? Living the life = lifestyle, just depends on how deep you want to take it. Do you want to scratch the service or do you really want to dig down deep into the culture?  That’s something to think about, ya know?

I totally got off of what I was planing to say. *laughs* but I am not shocked. So Masters, if you are on a Gorean sim, and you see a slave, there for say a week or two even, without any hint of a Master, what do you do?   Just because there is a tag above her head saying someones name does that mean you cant touch?  But wait!!  Remember people did not wear tags above their head in Gor.

*Thumb tack again*

Wouldn’t it just be totally cool, if they could make the sims, to when you land on it, your name tag vanishes, your profile vanishes, your ‘title’ vanishes. The only thing is you, the person. And then you would have to walk around and actually talk to people to get to know who they are, what they are, what restrictions the slaves actually have. Don’t you realize how much more people would interact with each other?   A slave is walking around, she is beautiful, you want a drink, food, maybe more. You would actually have to talk to the slave. And on the flip side, the slave would actually have to talk and act as a slave when speaking. Her “tag and profile” wont announce she is owned, she is restricted, she is white silk, red silk, first girl, last girl, nothing.  Ohh the Free would have to come out of their homes and speak to people. Now I just thought of eliminating IM’s but they may be necessary, but I wonder if there was a way it could be restricted or something. I don’t know, I will have to work on my imaginary sim a little bit more. But come on now! Admit it!  That would be so flipping cool, just having to talk to people to find out who they are.

*takes out the thumbtack and tries to remember the though line she was on*

OH Yea, Masters seeing slaves. A lot of girls are not owned, but say they are just to be able to go onto a sim and decide if they want to play. But what if slaves were slaves and free were free. Hmmm interesting thought actually.  *sighs* What was the original idea for this blog anyhow?  I don’t know.

But my mind is now a total blank. soooooooo you know whats next.


That’s all for now…………  Nope not yet.  LOL I did say I was going to try to do a travel blog, but I have no brain so I will just show you the two pictures I took today. That is if I remember how to add them…..*sets the timer*

How long will I wait …….. forever

Will wait forever

How long will I wait ……. forever

This is where I took these two pictures, just went to the landing spot. I have more from here on my flicker page.

Visit this location at Sordid Affair – Grace Island in Second Life

Waiting through the night

Through the still of the night, I will wait for you

Okay, I am not saying HOW LONG it took for me to remember how to do this *laughs*  But I will say …..

That is all ………


Really? No, for real??

13:29] Second Life: Incoming message from [name withheld, owner of the Sim]
[13:29] Autoresponse sent
[13:30]  [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: I see you are all in Kar now.
[13:32] [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: good timing, the houe rental ran out earlier today.
[13:33]  [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: You have been ejected from ‘Port Haifa slaves’ by [name withheld, owner of the Sim]
[13:34]  [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: You have been ejected from ‘Port Haifa residents’ by [name withheld, owner of the Sim].
[15:34] Pudding (Devine Teardrop): Well thank you  [name withheld, owner of the Sim] for making that decision for me. I was visiting other sims because I did not feel comfortable at PH lately and you reinforced my decision. I wish you a wonderful year and hope everything you wish for comes to fruition.
[15:36]  [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: it was clear you hated it here, never had a good word to say.. I hope Kar is more suited to your RP needs.
[15:37] Pudding (Devine Teardrop): You are allowed to think that you wish, but I do know the truth. I did not hate it there, if I did, I would not have stayed there since January. But no need to throw mud, I am sincere in hoping PH does well. I wish you well.

And why am I not saying that persons name? Because that person is not here to defend themselves even though I am sure positive that person, will not do the same for me. And also that person is rather spiteful and would probably find a way to use this against me. So that is why that person is [name withheld, owner of the Sim] 


Now see this is interesting, I remember ranting and venting about Port Haifa back in September. But I am not one to throw dirty laundry out in the streets, especially since I am in the house. BUT seeing as how I am no longer in the house I guess its okay.  So, let me tell you what transpired. Now for a while that sim was totally dead. I could be on there for hours on end, and nobody would be there. But did I say anything negative about it to anybody? NO! I would bring it up in the council meetings during the OOC part of the meetings and well express my opinion.

I have come to find out that, its not a good thing to express your opinion. For a while PH had, *counts on her fingers* three owners, then there were umm five, now there are six. Yes Six owners for one sim. Which may not seem that bad, but the six owners bicker, which is bad. But I’m rambling as I usually do. Now, I would be on that sim alone for hours, sometimes with a few of the other slaves again alone. How alone? Alone enough for me to bring out my toys and ride around the sim on a bosk, on a gyro copter, in a truck. I even Tp’d the sim once, just because I was bored to tears being the only one on there.

I know you are saying, Pudding? are you serious, do you have proof. Umm well Yes, I do. Now remember what was said above, “[15:36] [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: it was clear you hated it here, never had a good word to say”  So since I hated PH soooo much, I had created a PH flicker page months ago. And yes she knew about it, and yes so did a lot of the people there.  Now, at the time it was restricted to pictures from PH only. But this is by someone who never had a nice thing to say and hated it. Pfft, Right! I hated this sim so much I spent time and energy creating and promoting a flicker page for Port Haifa.  Oh yeah, the proof is in the Pudding. (pun not intended, well maybe so)

And don’t worry, they vanished after a few minutes of tossing them out. But to have the balls, to say that I never had a kind thing to say, never liked it there, Is an utter Lie.  And I have my own reasoning behind the lie. But I may get to that later depending on if I’m still venting

So those TP pictures show that the sim can be empty at times, and did I poof away like everybody else when no one was there. Nope. But WAIT PUDDING, you may say, the could be just not online.  Yes my young one, that is true, which is why I would check the group to see who was online.  LO AND BEHOLD, there were people online. Gasp!!!!!!

But now here is some more “proof” It takes time to get a picture to look just right, and someone that does not care about the sim will not do that, So below, a few pictures of the large sim wide r/p when the fire happened in the dance pavilion.  I wanted an “after” look so I spent a while looking for the right lighting to give it that next day smoky haze look.

fire 6_001

The Great Fire

Causalities of the fire> A Master and two slaves being treated by the physician at the time.  okay, okay yeah, the slut in pink is me. Even in a fire, this slave needs her pink!

fire 4

The Great fire

Now again a picture that took a while to get just right. But again I ask this is taken by someone who never liked the place. hmmm

owned 6_001

Just a nice image

So I dislike the place so much I even took a gang of pictures of the valentines day dance and gave it to one of the owners. The only one I am posting is below, the rest are on the flicker page. Which had a name change a few weeks back.

vday dance 29_001

OOC Valentine’s Day 2015 Dance

The reason for the name change was that I grew tired of deleting pictures from other places all the while kindly reminding the citizens of Haifa that we had a flicker page for them to use. And yes, some did use and posted great pictures.  But after realizing that it was turning into a pudding posting page, I opened it up and changed the name to “Gorean Life in Second Life”  and how can you tell that it originally was a group from PH? Well because, even though I did try, you cant change the web page name. So it will always be  https://www.flickr.com/groups/port_haifa/pool/with/21745534509/

Now I would like to take the port haifa name out but I can’t so … oh well.

So, back to up top. [name withheld, owner of the Sim] said that since we all were in Port Kar it was okay for her to eject us. Now, I did not have any Port Kar groups in my profile, but does it really matter? There are many people within Haifa with other groups in their profile, heck I was seeing some of the same people in Port Kar when I would visit, with houses in Port Haifa. hmmm imagine that!  So that person was looking through mine, my chain sisters and my Masters profile to see what groups we belong to?  Are you really that petty that you only want Port Haifa groups to be listed? Or is it that you are that insecure? hmm as I am writing I am beginning to wonder.

But I have a feeling that all of this stems from the fact that my Master likes to speak his mind, always respectful but will not be bullied into silence.  Ohhh did I say the Bully word?  You mean there is one of those in the great teaching sim of PH. Ummm yep. And due to Pudding having a Master who encourages her to use her mind and speak her mind, I have I think caused that bully to get slightly offended. Because I don’t cower down when the Great and powerful Oz speaks. {no the bully is not named Oz, but I had a Wizard of Oz flashback there}  So I spoke my mind to the bully and the bully didnt like it. Now the same bully likes to puff out its chest and try to intimidate others with its great expanse of knowledge. *sighs* sorry bully my Master isn’t afraid of you and neither am I.  Which is why that bully and its crew must have been looking for a great reason to give the boot.

After that last blow out at the OOC council meeting, and I stress OOC because I think its only considered OOC if it abides by their thoughts. Wait…wait.. getting off topic here. After the last meeting, I did not step foot on that sim, and was not going to unless I was at my Masters boots. Personally I don’t think there was anything wrong with that, but I guess so.

Okay so again up top [13:32] [name withheld, owner of the Sim]: good timing, the houe rental ran out earlier today.   Now, the rental ran out earlier today….today. There used to be a grace period, there was a time when the rent was 3 or 4 days past due, because my Master was out of town I think, well it was something. That person did not have an issue, just waited till it was paid. Now not only did [name withheld, owner of the Sim] kick me/us out of the groups BUT returned everything in the house. For the rent running out earlier today. ……….. Whateverrrrrrrrrr……

So, I still feel the need to vent, and one more thing to get off my chest. This BTB madness that they quote so much. I have come to realize that BTB only applies to their {the powers that be} thoughts and ideas. Ohh thumbtack here, to switch topics. Did you know that the main thing is we need more r/p? We need more r/p. And everytime I tried to do something it was rejected. The first one was not even started by me. Someone kur type thing was running around the sim leaving notes. So I said to myself “hey Pudding, this may be fun to get into” so, I did. By the way, the proof is in the pudding, pictures of the beginning of that r/p is on flicker also. Where was I? Oh yeah, so just when I’m getting into it, it is brought up in the OOC council part of the meeting. “That is an invalid r/p” “Kur would not be in the Port” ” Well anybody can participate but I will not” [said by an owner] then of course others co-signed and jumped on the bandwagon. So ‘splain somethin Lucy, if owners AND council members say they are not going to participate in a r/p, do you really and I mean REALLY think that anybody else is?  Neither do I and it died out.

Another example I have a bosk that I ride around, when I’m bored. [yep proof is in the pudding’s flicker page lol]  And [name withheld, owner of the Sim] told me a long time ago that it would be funny if when riding around there were bosk poop. Even gave me a transferable one that had flies around it. Yea, it was pretty cool. So fast forward months and months and I’m riding my bosk around and even r/p’d with a Master [who is no longer there] about my bosk being sick., well not MY bosk, since slaves can’t own anything, I said my Masters bosk, was sick and I was out walking it to make it feel better and dropped poop all over the sim. Thinking that it would be a good opening for so many different ways to r/p.  Such as a slave getting in trouble and having to pick it up, A FW stepping in it, umm wondering which bosk was sick and was it loose, or was it even a bosk maybe something else. Sounds simple right? Well I log in and find it all returned and a message from [name withheld, owner of the Sim] stating that a lot of people were complaining about the noise of the flys, so they were ALL returned to me. Again talk-a-lot Pudding brought it up in the meeting and I apologized for irritating people but I just wanted to start some r/p. Then [name withheld, owner of the Sim] remembered that that person made it and said sure go ahead and put it all back. Other citizens started saying ohh we can r/p this.. blah blah blah. Did I put it back , heck no.  Don’t try to chew me out then suddenly remember you created it and want me to place it back out.

Shoots, I forgot what i was fussing about *scrolls up to see where the thumbtack left off* Oh yea BTB only applies to them. Is it BTB to have metal trash cans? You know the kind I mean, the shiny metal ones that the garbage men pick up weekly? yea those ones. Is it BTB to have a dunk tank [no matter how much fun I had playing with it] on your sim for a BTB celebration?  Is it common BTB to have so many flipping people change their castes? Yes I know that is by the book, but if I remember correctly most were proud of what they were and didn’t change it like they change their underwear. But whatever I was going to say I don’t remember.

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT. Don’t get me wrong with all the fussing I was doing there are some REALLY REALLY GREAT people at Port Haifa. I am not sim bashing, just expressing my opinion, as usual. But again I must say this there are some REALLY GREAT people there, that none of my rant applies to.

So, like I always say when I’m venting, if you think this applies to you, then maybe it does, or maybe you may be guilty of some of the things. If you think it does not apply to you, it may not. I think I am done ranting, I had more to say, but just had a quick convo In-world with one of the GOOD peeps from PH and it sort of took all the wind out of my sails, but since this is my blog, I can always do another one if i get riled up again. 🙂 🙂

Sooooooooo, as I always say……….

That is all ……………

A Kajira’s Gatcha Overload

Once upon a time, a not so long time ago…. That is how most stories are started right?  Okay maybe not most and it was not a long time ago, just since it opened.  Don’t really know what happened, it was all just an innocent journey. It is like it was planned by some alternate being in some other universe.  It was not this girl’s fault, truly it wasn’t. *sobs and sniffles* It was a trap, YES!!! That is what it was, a trap to suck this kajira into the Gatcha world. Ohh please please, be careful if you go there, Strange things will happen.  

It was so innocent when it started, really it was! Girl Scouts honor…they didn’t have Girl Scouts in gor but you know what I mean..Ohh thank goodness they didn’t. Can you imagine all the Kajira hooked on thin mints, or lemonaids, or ohh whichever one is your favorite. Okay, okay, sorry back to the story….now where was I?   Oh yes!!

It was innocent when it started. I saw a notice about The Arcade, paid it no mind…then they started popping up everywhere. It got me curious. I know…I know curiosity is not becoming of a kajira. Let’s say intrigued instead then.  Then I started seeing dates of when it would open. Now I know it was all part of the Master plan to suck me in. So I waited and looked around and waited and looked around and waited and looked around. Then FINALLY. The Day was here. I got the map and …… nothing. It was full, the sim had the nerve to be full. I know it was a ploy, it would not be full if I tried to TP again. ding … ding … ding … ding … ding .. and no black swoosh sound, no TP. NOTHING… I gave up, just knowing it was a bunch of bots sitting there laughing at those poor girls trying to get in.

For two days I tried, then SUCCESS I finally arrived. I was so shocked I just stood there, then started to take a step and “bump” turned the next way and “bump”  Oops!!!  IT was actually full of real people. So to keep down my lag, I lowered my draw distance, and knew my scripts were not high. Remember I’m innocent.  So I walked into “The Arcade” and all these Gatcha machines started popping up in my sight. I had not planned on getting much, just looking around. Then I put in a few coins, and “ohh that was not what I wanted” so I tried again. “shoots not that one” and tried once more and got what I wanted. “Kewl!!!”  Went to the next machine and got what I wanted on the first try. So I walked around looking at everything and didnt really see much that I NEEDED.  I figured, something must be wrong it took me this long to get in and so I cammed around just in case I missed something. BAD MOVE!!  I started seeing little things that were cute, Ohh only 50L for this one..oh only 75L for that one… Not much. Until you keep ground around and getting more and more things.

So I had to make my escape. The lag shopping aliens tried to keep me from leaving, I felt them grabbing hold of my feet and legs, not letting me walk, then when they go, they push me into another machine.  But I finally escaped them. I was safe!!!!! Until the next day… when some of that Gatcha dust must have still be in my lungs because somehow, I got there again and… and… and… I started touching the machines. When finally running for my life again. I put them all together behind one door in my closet. So today, I figured, let me take them out and see what I have. 

I kept pulling and pulling and pulling ..and.. Sad to say.. this was the result

gacha overload 2_001I had to cam waaay back just to get everything. Now WHY do I need that big head statue in the bottom left corner?  Ohh and not shown are the shoes, jewelry, purses, hair and cute wearable things. Those are still in the closet.  I think I need an intervention. I can say it.  The Gatcha…got me!!!!!


That is all


To Jump or Not To Jump …. That is the question.


Ya might as well JUMP. Go head and JUMP. 


I get up, and nothing gets me down.
You got it tough. I’ve seen the toughest around.
And I know, baby, just how you feel.
You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real
Oh can’t you see me standing here,
I’ve got my back against the record machine
I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.
Oh can’t you see what I mean ?
Might as well jump. Jump !
Might as well jump.
Go ahead, jump. Jump !
Go ahead, jump.
Aaa-ohh Hey you ! How said that ?
Baby how you been ?
You say you don’t know, you won’t know until we begin.
Well can’t you see me standing here,
I’ve got my back against the record machine
I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen.
Oh can’t you see what I mean ?
Might as well jump. Jump !
Go ahead, jump.
Might as well jump. Jump !
Go ahead, jump.
Conclusions? I am good at doing that but its okay. Even though I JUMP to conclusions, I don’t act on them.. well not right away…. well not all the time.  But SL is a wonderful place. Anything can happen and it be an “oops accident” and you JUMPED to the wrong conclusions. or  It can be an “oops my bad, my fault” and you JUMPED to a different wrong conclusion. But sometimes one might over think something and JUMP to the right conclusion first, but then keep thinking and JUMP to the wrong one.
If you want more….more…. more… then JUMP
What is pudding trying to say as she rambles on and on and sips on her drink? [thank you my Master, that 2nd one was yummy].  Well a lot without trying to say to much. I sit here taking another sip because my fingers wont write what my mind is thinking? Why? Because for some stupid reason just in case I JUMPED to the wrong conclusion, I don’t wish to hurt anybody’s feelings.
JUMP around…. JUMP  around… JUMP up and get down
I wonder though, why should I care? I can be like everybody else and say, “that’s not what I meant” or “It came out the wrong way”….. Well this really was a lot of nothing because before I JUMP to conclusions I want to find out the facts  …. .
Are you ready to JUMP?  Get ready to JUMP. Don’t ever look back oh  baby!!!!
and I cant find anymore JUMP songs. AND the more pudding sips the more pudding talks LOL
That is all……..

When Good Visits go Bad

Tonight was going to be a fun night. My Master gave me permission to visit and explore Earth, and I had plenty of time to find a place to visit. So search opened up and this Kajira started looking.

Yes!!! Found a new spot to visit, It is a Sim called OTIUM – Leisure & Laziness.

So you know I had to take some photos.


love the writing in the sand

love the writing in the sand

Just relaxing

Just relaxing

Looking out over the water at the ship, wonders if it still works

Looking out over the water at the ship, wonders if it still works

Where is the starter, does it need gas?

Where is the starter, does it need gas?

not working but look good sailing

not working but look good sailing

Reserved for whom? Pudding?

Reserved for whom? Pudding?

There is a cute village

There is a cute village

Had to jump to see the view

Had to jump to see the view

Nice convo with a resident of the village until ....

Nice convo with a resident of the village until ….

My happiness beforehand in the plaza

My happiness beforehand in the plaza


After playing along the beach, I saw that there was a little village, and well this girl went exploring even more. It is the cuuuuutest place. It could almost look like a tiny Gorean village. So I walked around and found myself in the plaza and started having a nice conversation with a resident of the town. Sounds all good right? Well it was until, this guy kept hawking his friends store. Saying come visit.. she is an artist … come visit.  He started out being sorta rude because he interrupted the conversation.

So I told him that I would come visit soon. That held him off for about 5 minutes, then he started up again. So still being nice I tell him high pressure sales don’t work on me.

Then he starts going off on me, in Spanish no less. So I put on one of those crappy translators, and saw the word “whore” ……. Screeeeeeeeeeeetch. Stop WHAT!!!!  All I said was stop pressuring me. Then he kept going on and on and on. His friend the store owner, kept trying to apologize to for him. I couldn’t take it so I said farewell to the resident and went home.

His friend sent another IM saying he was tired an apologized again for him, I told her no apologies were needed from her, but only from him.  I was not taking any chances so I send my Master a message about what was going on. During that time she sent ANOTHER IM saying he wanted me to come there so he could explain. I politely declined saying he can speak with my Master, I really didn’t want to be bothered with him. I was ____ this __ close to searching on the internet on how to curse in Spanish. LOL

I figure that was the end, of It so I started writing this blog.. Guess what. Now his annoying self sends me an IM all in Spanish. Duuude. I dont speak Spanish, and he must have been misspelling some words because free translation dot com did not translate correctly. I asked him in IM to please leave me alone, stop IM’ing me. Did he NO…..I just logged off and now am going to bed irritated instead of relaxed as I should have been at the end of my exploring. Ughsss, I have nothing further, Its bed time.


That is all. …..

Say Something or do something. Your choice


Sometimes your thoughts move from one thing to another. I was sitting at the waters edge just looking over the water waiting for the sun to rise and started thinking. Its been a couple of weeks now that my Master has moved us from Tarnsport and being away from things and having a moment to yourself enables you to see things more clearly.

good morning_001

good morning 2_001

good morning 3_001

good morning 4_001


What is the old saying actions speak louder than words?

I am thinking that may be true. The word “Word” is defined as: (1) :  a speech sound or series of speech sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning usually without being divisible into smaller units capable of independent use (2) :  the entire set of linguistic forms produced by combining a single base with various inflectional elements without change in the part of speech elements  or to put it simply:  a sound or combination of sounds that has a meaning and is spoken or written or  a brief remark or conversation : something that a person says.

Action is defined as  a function of the body or one of its parts …  the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition …  an actor’s or speaker’s deportment or expression by means of attitude, voice, and gesture

Actions speak louder than words = What you do is more significant than what you say. 

What does all this mean? What is pudding talking about? It goes back to the blog below, how pudding came about. So sitting here thinking  I got to wondering and thinking, thinking over what has happened in the past, thinking over my life. Seeing actions and hearing words. Sometimes it is best if you remain quiet and let others talk, their words will prove their actions.

How can you say one thing, but yet do another? How can you act one way yet your words don’t match?  Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I wonder how you can live the life but not understand it, accept it and be down right disrespectful to mine?


Sometimes one line in a song means so much. Maybe even taken out of context of the song, but while sitting and thinking, I heard just one line in this song….and well, it just fits.


That is all………..


The Journey

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaz uuuuuuuuuuuuup!!    What a loaded question!  But really what has been up with that kajria known as Devine?  The blog was started just so I can give my two cents about what is going on in and around my Gorean life in SL.  It then moved more to adventures outside of Gor and in SL, Then well just whatever popped into my mind, old things that I had written, videos of songs that I like, and not much about my Gorean life. **grins**

My Gorean life has limited knowledge, I have been a slave in SL ever since this avi was created back in 2008, but in the BDSM world. I had many different Masters human and some not so human, and was considered many different things: a slave, a sub, a pet. All that time I was searching for.. for something. I knew something more was out there but just did not know what. So for four long years I was searching, then in late 2012 I was brought by my then Master to Gor, to the village of Tarnsport. I had heard soooo many bad things about “those gorean people” that all they want to do is R&R, Rape and raid. Was this girl scared? heck yea. So here I am, introduced to Gor, not having read a book or anything. A true virgin. (snickers)  had to laugh at that one. But you know what I meant. Okay, now where was I… Yes a scared slave with a then Master that knew as much about Gor as I did. I had been with that Master for a total of three years, (collared twice by him  in the BDSM word and my time in gor with him)

He brought me into his strange world and something started happening, the more I learned the more I realized that maybe what I was searching for was here in this world but not really able to find it. This happened, that happened, and the slave Devine was still searching. To make that long story short, it ended up Gor nor this girl was what was on the front of his mind. So I begged a release, I just couldn’t serve a master who at that time didn’t want me, the life he brought me to and that I wanted, and didn’t know himself. Now I am happy to say we are friends again, can never have that old relationship but am glad to have my friend back.  [wait…. where was I, sorry started watching youtube videos and lost my train of thought].

So then I was unowned for a few days, maybe a week, before the Admin of Tarnsport collared me. Well this happened, and that happened and even more happened. Through my brief time in Gor, I had been going to classes, learning, reading,wanting to know as much about being a kajria as I could, devine was still searching. To make a long story short again, He passed away the beginning of this year. I added a post juls wrote about him earlier this year.  Then I became a village slave. That was interesting, but thankfully in this instance only, there was not much traffic in the village. I would have been slightly well more than slightly nervous. Remember, the only Gor that I knew was what was in Tarnsport

And as you guessed it… stuff happened, this happened that happened, and even more happened. This is been a very difficult, strange, emotionally charged, emotionally draining first half of the year. After belonging to the village for a while, the then slaver and Admin bought me.  Yes, I am leaving out a lot of personal details about the this and that’s, well because family business is just that family business and its in the past.  Through these years of searching I finally realized what I was searching for. A Gorean Master, that will take full control of His property. Not a boyfriend Master, not a friend Master, not a nice I want to make up for all the bad that has been done to you Master, not a I am a Master but don’t know how to master Master. Inside I knew why when I was brought to Gor and sat and watched how the Masters and slaves interacted, it sparked a fire inside of me. I knew that this world was what Devine was searching for all of those years.

Well, the journey still continues and a new chapter is opening in the slave formally known as Devine but now knows as Pudding’s life. My Master has decided to leave the only village I had ever known, frighting yes. But a new adventure awaits. There is much more I would like to say, but …. better left alone. Actually I do have something else to say and I typed it below, but cut it out to be put in its own blog. But for now….


That is all………